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Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives

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Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives
Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives
Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives
Quicken Crack

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If you're a Quicken user, you probably know that unless you upgrade at least once every three years, you'll be cut off from all online services -- such as bill paying, and downloading banking or credit card transactions -- by April 30 of the third year. If you didn't already know, welcome to the club.

Quicken calls this its Discontinuation Policy, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives. Angry users have called it plenty of other things that are unprintable here.

To upgrade or not to upgrade
Why wouldn't you upgrade Quicken every year?

As a longtime Quicken user, I used to do that. But a few years ago, I began to question whether each new version's bells and whistles, many of which I didn't need, were worth the price. Then there were the changes Intuit had made to the program's user interface Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives the years that forced me to change my habits every 12 months. (I hate changing my habits.) Not to mention the possibility -- often a reality -- of bugs cropping up in each new version.

Considering all that, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, a few years Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives I started upgrading every other year. Last year, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, after checking out the new features and the user reviews for Quicken on Amazon (users gave it roughly three stars out of five), I decided to hold out for a third and final year. When Quicken was introduced last fall, there were the usual improvements to the Windows version, while the user reviews on Amazon seemed, on the whole, similar to the previous year's. Had it not been for the Discontinuation Policy, I would have passed on this version and waited for Quicken

Since I rarely buy a new version of any software until it has been on the market for a few months (enough time for the most serious bugs to have been fixed), I bided my time by checking into the remaining alternatives to Quicken, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives. (The product's biggest competitor, Microsoft Money, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives been discontinued in ).

My interest was mainly in paying bills, budgeting, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, and preparing for tax time. No product that I found on my own seemed to suit my needs. You may find one you like, though: For detailed reviews of some major alternatives to Quicken, see TopTenReviews

Meanwhile, the clock had continued ticking.


Soon I began receiving emails like this one from Quicken's maker, Intuit, warning me of the impending doom awaiting the online capability of my copy of Quicken (To be fair, Quicken does not totally disable old versions. Even if I didn't upgrade, I would still be able to continue using Quicken indefinitely to balance my checkbook, budget, etc. However, my version would be cut off from all online services and support).


Intuit sent this postcard to my house in earlyoffering a $10 discount. I didn't bite. As in earlier years, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, I had found Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives prices for Quicken at retailers -- even allowing for the $10 discount -- than if I bought directly from Intuit. For example, as I write this, Amazon is offering Quicken Deluxe for $ and Staples for $, while the Quicken site lists its discounted price at $

Quicken yields
Despite all my reservations, I was planning to upgrade to Quicken before April But I had decided to hold out until late March, so that I could first finish preparing my taxes using Quicken It's never a good idea to upgrade a piece of software just before using it for an important job.

But then a funny thing happened.
Quicken blinked.


On February 26 -- two months before the cutoff -- I received this email in which Intuit offered a free upgrade to Quicken Premiera "$ value." The reason for Intuit's cave is right there in the first paragraph: "Because you are a dedicated Quicken Bill Pay customer."

Of course I was a dedicated Quicken Bill Pay customer! For who-knows-how-long I had paid Intuit nearly $ per year to pay my bills online. Intuit's new offer made perfect sense: The company so dreaded losing my business as a Bill Pay customer -- which would happen if it cut off my online services -- that it was willing to Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives the upgrade free.

This answered Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives question about Intuit's business practices that had bugged me: Why would any company bite the hand that feeds it by cutting off a customer from a lucrative online service? Now I had my answer: They wouldn't.

Playing Quicken Chicken
It also helped me realize Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives I had been unwittingly playing a game that I now call Quicken Chicken. If you'd like to avoid losing your online services without having to pony up for a Quicken upgrade after three years, you should try playing it, too.


As with the classic game of chicken, in Quicken Chicken both contestants must be at risk. You're already at risk. The trick is to put Intuit at enough risk that it will fold before you do. First, you need to be, or become, a Quicken Bill Pay customer. Then hold off on buying a third-year upgrade for as long as you can, certainly long enough to have prepared your taxes for the new year. (This also gives Intuit time to fix bugs in the new version.)

In my case, I believe, Intuit was itself holding out so as to get as many paid upgrades as possible before it caved by offering the freebie. Apparently the company had figured that by late February, the risk of losing Bill Pay income finally outweighed any benefit from further pressuring the remaining holdouts to pay.

Challenging Intuit to a game of Quicken Chicken may not work for you. But it's worth a try. Once this report is published and the word is out, Intuit may change its strategy. But I still think that the Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives you hold out -- even until early April if you can -- the better your chances of being offered a free upgrade.

If Intuit wants to spare its Bill Pay customers this triennial headache, it ought to eliminate the annual upgrade fee altogether for them.

Quicken's Discontinuation Policy is just one more example of the tech industry's disrespect for consumers that I cover regularly on my blog. If you've been offered the same free upgrade that I was, or even if you haven't, let other users know by posting a comment below. The more that consumers know about the tech industry's practices, the better.

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I couldn’t remember when I first installed Quicken to manage my personal and small-business finances. It seems like I’ve used it forever. But after a recent long-delayed update to the current version, Quicken Deluxe, I can now pinpoint the time: midQuicken 98 CD-ROM

After 23 years of using older versions of Quicken, including Quicken since its paradoxical release inI’ve finally severed my cord to the past: to PowerPC and Intel processors, to outdated record formats, and to clunky manual entry of transactions. I waited Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives long, however, that I wasn’t forced to give up anything in the process.

This is my journey, and if you’re still on Quickenit’s one you can take too.

Quicken Was Old When It Was New

When Intuit, Quicken’s original owner, released Quicken for what was then called Mac OS X, it was a major step forward for Mac users in synchronizing online accounts and producing financial reports. Quicken included and improved on several bookkeeping needs I had and still have:

  • Transaction-based entry
  • Hierarchical categories (like “Business:Hardware:In-state” Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives mark purchases on which I paid sales tax, or “Income:Consulting:Conferences”)
  • Financial institution transaction syncing and automatic (or at least heavily assisted) reconciliation
  • Highly customizable reporting to extract lists of transactions or summaries of income and expenses corresponding to city, state, and federal tax guidelines
  • Separating personal and business transactions by using categories to assign any transaction to any purpose

But Quicken was already behind the times in ! Apple had already begun Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives transition from PowerPC to Intel chips, and Quicken had only PowerPC code in it. Intuit never released a true Intel-compatible version of its flagship software but somehow pushed out a hacked-together version that sidestepped the need for Rosetta (see “Intuit Releases Quicken Mac OS X Lion Compatible,” 8 March ). After years of excuses, the company released an entirely new app, Quicken Essentials, that was so stripped down as to be essentially… useless.Quicken box

Intuit’s attempts to reimplement the full capabilities of Quicken never quite hit the mark; see “Quicken Close, But Not Yet Acceptable” (2 October ). I regularly updated that “” app version and even bought some upgrades to see if Intuit had added what I needed.

At various times from to the present, I also tried Banktivity, Mint, Moneydance, Xero, and others, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives. None met my requirements, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, though many came close. Close wasn’t good enough: if I was going to shift away from a two-decade-old system, I wasn’t willing to give up functionality.

Through macOS Mojave and the end of bit apps, Quicken limped along with a surprising series of minor updates that allowed it to continue to function mostly unimpaired.

And that’s how I found myself in early with the digital equivalent of a bulging shoebox of old receipts, unsure of how to move forward in a way that would save me time and frustration. Fortunately, Quicken was a step ahead of me—and a step ahead of where I thought it was.


Lost in the Desert, but an Oasis Looms

I continued to run Mojave on my inch iMac even through the release of macOS 11 Big Sur for a few reasons. Two of those were Quicken and Mailsmith, a text-only XRECODE3 Crack Full Free Download program I’ve used for 20 years. A third was the poor performance of the iMac’s Fusion drive, which I eventually fixed with an external SSD (see “An External SSD Gave My iMac a New Lease on Life,” 9 April ).

Once I added the SSD and upgraded to Big Sur, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, I had the performance necessary to run Mojave within a Parallels Desktop virtual machine. That let me keep Quicken and Mailsmith running while I sought replacements.

Before I settled on any, my iMac bit the dust in the most expensive way possible, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives. A local shop traced the problem to a failed motherboard. At a cost of several hundred dollars, it made no sense to replace, so I opted to purchase an M1-based Mac mini to act as my anchored office computer. (The M1-based inch iMac didn’t impress me enough, and I wanted two inch monitors.)

The move to M1 left me in a crisis. How could I keep running Quicken ? I was in the middle of an overwhelmingly busy month, so I punted and set up a virtual Mac. I chose MacStadium, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives co-location service for people who need remote Macs, which was offering a first-month discount. (There are other virtual Mac options, including some at Amazon Web Services, but none are priced for “using a single app for a few hours a month.”)

In an effort to find a new-to-me Mac for QuickenI searched eBay for a era Intel-based Mac mini that could run Mojave, was inexpensive enough to make sense to purchase, and wasn’t a total slug. I found and purchased a model with 4 GB of RAM and a GB hard drive. In its stock configuration, it was terribly slow, but once I installed Mojave on an unused GB USB SSD I had on hand, it turned into a pretty zippy single-purpose Quicken appliance. After a quick configuration via a monitor, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, I set it to wake on network access and used exclusively via screen sharing.

To keep this Quicken appliance out of the way, I used a Humancentric Mac Mini Mount ($) to attach it to the underside of my desk. (The mount has screw holes spaced for VESA mounting, so you can attach a Mac mini to the back of a monitor, too!)

Mac mini under a desk

After posting a photo of my hidden Mac mini, an online acquaintance said I should check out the latest Quicken Deluxe. A few years ago, Intuit sold Quicken to a private equity group, H.I.G. Capital. Instead of destroying the product, the firm breathed new life into it, seemingly by shifting to a software subscription model.

Quicken Deluxe costs $ per year, but search for discounts—I paid $ for my first year by clicking through a search-engine ad. There’s no free trial, but the company offers a “day money-back satisfaction guarantee.” I made the purchase, installed the software, tested it out quickly, and found to my chagrin that Quicken Deluxe finally had everything I needed. Sadly for all my extra effort, it may have had it as far back as ! I wish I had been paying more attention.

Quicken Deluxe on a MacBook

My next task was to convert my old data and bring myself up to speed on the changes.

The (Quicken) Deluxe Route to Big Sur and Beyond

First off, I wanted to import my Quicken data. I was resigned to the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to convert a year-old data format with plus years of data, but I held out hope that it would work. Quicken Deluxe requires a round trip through a cloud server for Quicken format conversions, which it warns you about since your data will leave your computer.

It took several failures before I sorted out what was going wrong because Quicken Deluxe’s errors didn’t help. Quicken can run on a macOS system that has an HFS+ or APFS startup volume, and its data file can be stored on either kind of filesystem. But you cannot correctly copy the Quicken Data file from an APFS volume. (It seems to use some outdated package format that relies on HFS+.)

After finding this answer online in a forum, I temporarily installed Quicken Deluxe on the Mac mini volume on which I had Quicken That let me avoid copying the data files from APFS and start the conversion.

It took about half an hour to convert and import tens of thousands of transactions, but it succeeded, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives. In Quicken Deluxe running on my M1-based Mac mini, I can pull reports dating back toand all my accounts and categories remain intact. I lost only Quicken custom reports, which I can’t complain about when everything else came through.

The next task was setting up online synchronization of accounts. Banks, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, credit card companies, and other institutions had maintained support for Quicken for many years, but synchronization and export features began to fall away around I had shifted to entering transactions manually—a horrible pain, but I had no alternative.

Quicken Deluxe on Windows

I spent nearly two hours working through all my banking, debit, credit, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, investment, and retirement accounts until everything synced correctly with Quicken Deluxe. The app offers a few ways to set up synchronization; I started with Quicken Connect (also known as Express Web Connect), Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, which uses a secured login. This worked in all cases. Another option, Direct Connect, may require paying a financial institution a monthly fee, but then you can use Quicken Deluxe for direct bill paying, too.

Of all these accounts, only a Citi credit card Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives to match existing transactions and duplicated the last year’s worth of downloads. This was an easy problem to fix because Quicken Deluxe tags the source of transactions in a column that can be sorted—downloaded ones use a little green ball. I was thus able to delete those duplicate downloads quickly. I had a few other tweaks to make in other accounts, where I used Quicken ’s split function to break up one transaction into multiple categories or transfers that the downloaded financial data didn’t match, but it was quick to resolve.

One bump I hit applies to any transaction-tracking app that performs these syncs. Some institutions require a two-factor authentication code every time you sync rather than occasionally or after you validate a particular computer or network. I had three accounts in that category: PayPal (separate personal and business accounts) and a Bank of America credit card. Quicken Deluxe handles this modally, so it’s a tedious process. The app tries to log in, recognizes it needs a code, asks you for the code, you enter the code, it validates it, repeat, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, repeat. Because it’s modal, it winds up stealing a minute or more. To avoid this wasted time, I disabled automatic sync on these three accounts because they have relatively little activity and it’s easy enough to trigger them to sync manually.

Finally, I began to re-create my needed reports. Quicken Deluxe has a lot of reporting power—much more than Quickenunsurprisingly—but the developers could improve a few aspects. Tweaking certain settings renames the report, which is generally unwelcome. And performing an operation across the most recent year’s worth of transactions—several hundred in my case—takes far too long for something that’s clearly database-driven. I should have to wait seconds, not a minute, particularly when I’m configuring a report and every change incurs the same computational churn time.

But it was all worth it. Just two weeks into using Quicken Deluxe, I’ve already saved a couple of hours keeping up to date. Over the course of a year, I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit, I might save a cumulative 40 to 80 hours. The Quicken time hit was particularly severe for quarterly and annual local tax filings and assembling material for Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives accountant for federal taxes. Quicken Deluxe’s better reporting will let me pull a precise report instead of multiple reports I had to consolidate through a spreadsheet.

The Quickening

Will the roughly $50 I pay every year for the rest of my Quicken-using life—plus regular bumps up in that price—be worth it? Absolutely—saving even an hour or two a year would. Saving a week or two of time I could spend earning money? Sign me up! Oh wait, I already am.

Now if only someone wanted a Mac mini suitable for under-desk mounting. I’ll even throw in the external SSD!

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arenaqq.usSince the beginning of January, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives, owners of Quicken have been bombarded with reminders (via pop-ups when starting up the software, and by mail) that on April 30, many important features of the program will stop functioning. Mouse Print* this week will examine Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives stark contrast between these current elaborate disclosures and how poorly new customers are warned before purchase that the software will become substantially disabled in three years.

In a January mailing to Quicken customers, the company warns:


When starting up the software inthis pop-up warns of the forthcoming crippling:


For many users, the ability to download statements from their bank and stockbroker monthly, get stock quotes, as well as being able to pay bills and transfer money online, are key reasons to use Quicken.

After presenting the bad news, Intuit, the maker of Quicken, offers the solution: buy an upgrade to Quicken In the past, for many users this has not Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives a huge issue because Quicken Basic has always been free after rebate when purchasing the company&#;s tax preparation software, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives. This year, as noted in last week&#;s edition of Mouse Print*, the company discontinued Quicken Basic and made its substitute product (Starter Edition) incapable of importing existing Quicken files. That forces customers to buy an upgrade for $ (less during promotions) to Quicken Deluxe.

Incidentally, the company says it is costly to support prior versions of Quicken, and that is why they discontinue these critical functions every Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives years. They apparently have not changed the technology they use to communicate with banks and brokerage firms, however. That would have been an understandable reason for the nonfunctionality. It appears that the company just deliberately disables the online functions to enable it Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives generate more income from current owners.

Okay, so Quicken has a three year life for certain important functions. How do they convey that critical limitation to prospective customers?

*MOUSE PRINT: On the spine of the box, buried within the copyright notice, in type so small the actual Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives is less than an inch wide, it says (enlarged below):


The disclosure merely says that online features are subject to change in accordance with the &#;discontinuation policy&#; (previously called their &#;sunset policy&#;) listed on their website. The &#;subject to change&#; language also appears in a tiny footnote on the back of the box. Similar non-specific notices appeared on the Quicken box.

In no way, shape, Quicken ACTIVATION CODE Archives form is this adequate notice that the Quicken product you are about to buy will have key features of the software disabled/crippled in April three years after the date on the box. The essence of consumer protection (and fair dealing) is to provide the customer with all the relevant facts before purchase so they can make a more informed buying decision.

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