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Mobile repairing Archives

mobile repairing Archives

Mobile Repairs. At phoneREFIX we understand the crucial role your electronic devices play in day-to-day life. A broken or faulty smartphone, tablet. Discover all times top stories about Mobile Repairing on Medium. Mobile Phone Repairs · Choosing The Best Phone Repair Shop Manchester. You buy a new phone and make it one of the most precious things in your life.

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Teardown! 😭 iPhone 12 Pro Max Cracked, Restoration

mobile repair Services
We repair all makes and models of phones


We repair the latest mobiles and smartphones and fix the issue for good. Our technicians expertly diagnose the problem, quickly progressing to the repairing phase without making you wait for long periods of time, and without having to leave your device with us, mobile repairing Archives. So, whether it is a cracked screen, charger jack problem or any complicated software issue; we are qualified to fix them all.

Popular Services

Screen Repair

Home Button Fix

Battery Replacement

Power Button Righteous Kill v1.0 crack serial keygen Replacement

Charging Port Fix

Selfie Cam Replacement

Software Issues

We have repaired thousands of smartphones over the years, so we can confidently say there is no issue too big for us to fix, mobile repairing Archives. From iPhone screen replacement, to water damage and home button mobile repairing Archives, software updates or virus removal, you can be sure that we&#;ll return your phone in full working order.


If you&#;re planning on bringing your gadget to us, we guarantee a speedy turnaround time.


Our fantastic warranty covers all repairs, giving you a safety net should the issue return.


We take data security seriously and have a policy in place to protect your device&#;s data.


We use only the highest quality parts, meaning your gadget repair will stand the test of time.

Before Repair

A cracked or smashed display ruins your phone&#;s design and can hamper user experience making it useless.

After Repair

We&#;ll completely replace your screen with the highest quality parts on the market, giving mobile repairing Archives that factory fresh feeling!

Check out some of the more popular phone repair services below. Prices vary dependant on make &#; model of the phone so please do be sure to use our booking form to get a more accurate quotation. All repairs are carried out on-site in one of our many stores by experienced technicians.

Screen Repair

No matter the scale of damage to your display or if it&#;s just unresponsive, we&#;re able to completely restore the screen to it&#;s mobile repairing Archives glory. Prices vary based on the make and model of the phone.

From £35

Water Damage

Dropped your phone somewhere you shouldn&#;t have? Spilled a drink all over your brand new phone? Not to worry, we&#;ve seen it all before and can repair all types of water / liquid damage.

From £69

Power / Home / Volume Buttons

A very mobile repairing Archives issue with most modern smartphones is the buttons becoming unresponsive which can happen for a variety of reasons. Luckily we&#;re able to resolve this issue very quickly.

From £29

Audio Issue
Battery Issue
Camera Issue
Charging Issue
System Checkup
Rear Housing
Selfie Camera
Software Issue
Home Button
Logic Board
Power Button
Screen Damage
Speaker Issue
Volume Buttons
Sim Unlock
Signal Issue

"Good customers service the staff are polite and very sell lots of different things at good also do a fixing service of the best shops in Guildford town.


"Excellent service always and provide good sound impartial advice at all times. Recently introduced a blind friend to the shop and their care, mobile repairing Archives, service and help with his specific needs was nothing short of superb. Thank you guys really appreciated."

"Very nice people with Perfect Customer service best in guildford"

"Only place I could find to fix my samsung galaxy A50 screen! Cost around £90 but he did it in about 45 minutes and right before closing! Very helpful! I also paid around £7 I believe for a screen protector which he put on for me and about £10 for a flip phone case, it isnt the best quality but it has saved my phone screen many times!:') as I am so clumsy and break everything!. The only downside is the closest carpark charges, but it is not even a minute away from the shop which is convenient!:) thanks again for fixing my phone!"

Simply fill in the form below to start the repair process.


Use our simple booking form to select your repair options and have your phone, tablet or other gadget back in no time feeling brand spankin&#; new! Our repair process is straightforward and simple.

Book Repair

Send-in / Bring-in

Gadget Assessed

Repair Completed

Warranty Applied

+1 Happy Customer

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New &#; Job Maintenance System


Mobile-e-Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new Jobs Maintenance system.

Computer service engineer in server roomWe have teamed up with HT Projects Ltd (a Chorley based software development company) to provide a complete Jobs Maintenance system that can be used at the heart of SoloAdvance.

Maintenance jobs are recorded on SoloAdvance against specific locations either on-site by operatives via their mobile phone or by supervisors using the back end database. These new jobs are then automatically sent, via the Job Maintenance module, as direct messages (not SMS) to the maintenance engineer’s mobile phone.

Within moments of a repair job being raised the engineer responsible for that site is aware of the new job and can prepare for the visit. Information is passed back to the main system whenever the engineer reads the new job messages so you have visibility of job acceptance.


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Nothing feels better than when you’ve got that shiny new gadget to play with, but sadly, the inevitable tech disasters strike.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt our heart stop when we hear that devastating crunch. Someone’s sat on your tablet, your phone’s slipped out of your hand – and suddenly it’s not shiny and new anymore. Here’s our top five most common (and annoying) tech disasters which we can help with.

1. Cracked Screen

This common problem is always upsetting – all too often that brand new iPhone falls and you hold your breath mobile repairing Archives you pick it up, mobile repairing Archives, praying it’s not shattered, mobile repairing Archives. Sadly, for most, many end up with a cracked screen.

cracked phone screen

Too many of us end up going for the sellotape solution &#; but please resist the temptation, you’re making a bad situation worse. Mobile screen repairs are actually a quicker process than you&#;d think; at The Exchange UK we specialise in cracked screen repairs so we can get your gadget looking shiny and new again.


    2, mobile repairing Archives. Dead Battery

After a while your phone battery just seems to die within hours and you can’t remember the last time it made it through the day without a mini charge at lunch. Sound familiar? Sometimes this is because it’s been overcharged at purchase.

A lot of people forget to let their phone battery die when they first get it. The best thing for a healthy battery is to let it die and then recharge. But sometimes this isn’t your fault and your phone just has a faulty battery. It’s quick and easy to repair your phone and get your battery replaced.


    3. Water Damaged Phones

Texting in the rain, a glass of water spilt, a gadget falling straight in the toilet. It can kill your gadget straight mobile repairing Archives. If this happens to you make sure you make sure the phone is off straight away and don’t plug it in!

water damaged <b>mobile repairing Archives</b> width=

Then make sure you mobile repairing Archives the battery, SD card and SIM card. Sometimes the old ‘dry it out in rice’ method works, but if not take it to a phone repair shop to find out the diagnosis&#;


    4, mobile repairing Archives. Charge port issues

Sometimes you know the charger is fine but your gadget still won’t charge, staying perpetually on 3%. This is usually because there’s an issue with your charge port – the metal connector may have become bent or dislodged.

This isn’t an easy home fix and can be really frustrating, but most warranties will cover this so you can get your tablet or phone repaired quickly.

phone charger port

    5. Mysterious tech issues

You don’t know what’s wrong or why it’s wrong, but your tech mobile repairing Archives isn’t cooperating. It keeps shutting down and showing the same error message, it’s started lagging and running slow, or it just insists it’s out of storage space no matter how many apps or photos you delete. Try as you might you just can’t work out why.

If you’re facing any of these common tech issues, don’t panic – we’re here to help. Whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop or any other gadget, The Exchange UK can help advise and repair your tech as the top digital repairs store in East Finchley, London.

How we can help

Check out our website or come in store with your tech disaster and see how we can help, for more information about The Exchange UK’s services.



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