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Cycling Trainer App Guide In-Depth: 2020 Edition


It’s been three years. Which is roughly how long I needed to recover from writing the last one of these things. While I had planned to write this last fall, that didn’t happen. But now that a lot of us are either stuck indoors, or about to be, it’s as good a time as any. So welcome to The Beast of a round-up.

This time though, I’m simplifying it a bit. Last time I covered some 20 different apps. While many of those apps do still exist and are now more mature, I’m going to focus this round-up on what I believe to be the Top 11 indoor trainer apps. With that metric largely being driven by the userbase, and how often I actually hear people talk about it.

As much as every company wants to tell me their app is most important, I tend to find if nobody is talking about it…then nobody is actually using it. It’s a surprisingly simple concept. In the case of 2020, it’s all relative. With Zwift at more than 300,000 users, the stakes are higher – as is the baseline.

So, without further ado – here’s what I’m covering this time around, in alphabetical order (use the left sidebar to quickly skip to a different app):

– Bkool
– FulGaz
– Kinomap
– Peloton Digital App (sans-Peloton Bike)
– RGT (Road Grand Tours)
– Rouvy
– The Sufferfest
– Tacx Training App
– TrainerRoad
– Xert
– Zwift

One could likely argue for PerfPro, or Golden Cheetah. Perhaps Kinetic Fit. Maybe CVRcade. One might also suggest OneLap – though given my readership here is 99.9% not in China, and that platform is 99.9% catered to the Chinese market (albeit with some rough translations for some parts in English). Then there’s apps that are much smaller, but still might be cool for a follow-up in future weeks. For example some of the one-person developer type apps like Arcade Fitness or The Velo Set, or a handful of others.

Ultimately, as I said before that I could try and get everyone on this guide, but then the guide wouldn’t ever happen. And while I’m sure someone from missed apps may disagree, I think this is by far covering every one of the major and middle players of apps people are using these days. Oh, and finally – I paid for access to all these apps myself, or used their various 14-30 days free trials. None of this is sponsored in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I pay these companies as part of my monthly subscriptions, just like you. That’s just the way I roll.

What you’ll need:

It probably goes without saying that you’re going to need some sort of indoor trainer here. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Virtually every one of these apps will actually work with so-called ‘dumb’ trainers, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, ones that don’t have any smarts at all. Ones you might have laying around in your garage from a decade ago. Most of these apps will have those models in there and you’ll be up and running with usually nothing more than a speed sensor.

Still, a lot of you will have (or want) smart trainers. I’ve got a separate post on that with all my recommendations. Go check that out, it’s Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download as detailed as this post, except it’s about trainers instead of apps. From budget to expensive smart trainers, and my favorite accessories, it’s in there.

Finally, you’re going to need something to run the apps on. A computer, a phone, a tablet, perhaps Apple TV. Whatever it is, you’ll need at least one device. Each app varies on what platforms they support, but the vast majority of apps today support at a minimum iOS and Android, or Windows and Mac. Some apps even require two pieces of hardware (such as a phone + a bigger screen device). We could go beyond that and talk about how to get this stuff up on a big screen TV, and I did that a few years ago too, but for now, we’ll just focus on the apps themselves.

With that – let’s get straight into the apps. Again, they’re all ordered alphabetically, and you can use the navigational sidebar to skip ahead to the different chunks.


Back in the old days, Bkool sold hardware. These days though, they divested their hardware business last fall, and now focus exclusively on software. Training software to be precise. And actually, they’ve got two different apps, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download. One app is essentially the Bkool that you know and love from yesteryear with races, group rides, outside video rides, VR rides, etc… While the newer secondary app is basically a blend of Peloton and structured workouts, with a substantial amount of Spanish classes.

I’m going to mostly focus on the more typical trainer app here, though I’ll briefly touch on the other bit. If you buy a full subscription, you get access to both. The logic behind splitting it out is that the more casual fitness crowd that’s using the Bkool Fitness app isn’t likely to need all the very bike-specific features like racing or more complex structured workouts of the Bkool Indoor app. In any event, here’s the main homepage of the Bkool Indoor app:


At first glance you might assume it’s all videos, but in reality, each one of these videos is actually a threesome: It’s a video, a 3D representation of the world (à la Zwift), and then a map-view of the world. Don’t worry, we’ll get there in a second.

But wait, there’s more. For some odd reason they split out the non-live events into a separate page that you don’t realize is there till you go into the search panel, then you’ll see the other four sections. Some of these have boatloads (like, thousands) of options within them. For example if I open up the Routes one, and then select ‘The Whole Catalogue’, then I see tons more:


And the same is true of ‘Workouts’, and then there’s a handful in the Velodrome games folder:


In any case, we’ll back up to the main dashboard first. These are sorted first by those that are live events, with other real-world people. Aside from Zwift and Peloton, there’s no other platform that comes even remotely close to the live user numbers you see here, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download. Many of the recent nights I logged in, a number of the live events had 100+ people in them (though, Bkool says the app might struggle at over 100 people in a given race). During the daytime, most of them had around 20-30 people in them. The fact that I’ll predominantly show a live event is mostly to get the most bang for my buck text-wise here. If you choose one of the non-live videos above, it’s all the same (minus other people).

If you tap on one of them you’ll see information about it, including a course map and elevation plot. You can also poke at the settings as well as the other racers in the course currently:

IMG_1376IMG_1377IMG_1378Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download height="176">

From a sensor pairing standpoint, Bkool seems to support Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download the normal stuff you’d expect. Smart trainers, power meters, speed sensors, cadence sensors, and HR monitors. Depending on which platform you’re on, that’ll be both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.


Once you’ve got those paired up (which it saves for next time) we’ll go ahead and start one of the sessions. By default, it’ll start in the 3D Terrain view, but you can change that (both the default, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, and the current view):


If you want to change to either the video view or the map view, simply swipe across the screen:


Back in the video view, the replay of the video will match your speed. You’ll also see competitors along the left side, and then down below you’ve got all your stats and time/distance remaining. Up top in the right it’ll notify you of people entering the event. I couldn’t find any obvious way to turn-off those entry notifications, which got a bit annoying after a while. Perhaps it’s hidden somewhere.


Next is the 3D Terrain view. This is loosely modeled after the terrain you see in the video, but definitely loosely so. Sometimes the two lined up really well (primarily in fields and such with bridges or what-not). Whereas other times in towns it just showed a field, or vice versa. The other thing is that the time of day didn’t really match. So I rode at night in the 3D Terrain view, while it was daytime in the video. To have things match realism-wise, I’d think it’d just match the video. Still, that’s probably nitpicking a bit. Within the 3D Terrain view you’ll see your competitors on the screen, just as you would in Zwift:


Lastly there’s the map view. This can be changed from satellite to terrain to standard map view within the app settings prior to starting. You’ll see your competitors on the map, allowing you to formulate just how viable that totally unrealistic gap is to close.


Now, the one caveat I’ve got is that this was the *only* app during my review period to crash mid-ride. Which isn’t to say I’ve never had other apps crash. Certainly over the years I’ve seen Zwift and others have a bad day. But, given I was mostly focusing on comparison of apps in the last couple weeks, this one did crash mid-ride. However, it also did recover my ride and let me resume a few moments later. I did also find that swiping between the 3D and Video view would result in some weird lag/speeding up. It’d usually sort itself out in a few seconds, but it could probably use a bit of refinement.

Next, over on the Bkool Fitness side, this is where you’ll do any structured workouts you want. These could be instructor-led, or they could just be structured workouts atop pretty scenic ride videos:


If you crack one open you’ll see the exact structure of the workout:


You can pair a power meter or a heart rate  strap here, but not other sensor types like a smart trainer or cadence sensor, which is honestly a bit weird since they already have that code based in the other app. Seems like a silly limitation.

Note that you can still go back into the Bkool Indoor app and do structured workouts there though (sans-video) with a smart trainer/cadence sensor:


Finally, the last piece of the Bkool puzzle is their Video Editor, which allows you to upload your own videos to the platform. So if you’ve got a GoPro on your bike, you can go out and record a ride, and then re-ride it in the app later on. This feature is free to use, and allows you to share rides/routes with your friends.

Phew, ok – I think we’ve reached the end. BKool is a huge platform, once you manage to find all the pieces. On one hand, by showing the live events upfront and center (and hiding the non-live events behind a few more taps), the company has managed to significantly increase the community and social aspect of the app. And with the huge subscription numbers they have, that strategy seems to roughly be working. Still, I wonder how many people don’t realize large parts of the platform are buried in the app, or on the secondary app they might not even have installed.

Still, it’s definitely worth a whirl – and I’d say especially so if you’re Spanish speaking, given the number of classes that are available in Spanish.


If you’re one of those types of peoples that just wants to ride beautiful outdoor rides, from the comfort of your sketchily compiled pain cave – FulGaz is probably the one to be at. While other applications like Rouvy and Kinomap undoubtedly have more rides, the rides on FulGaz, in general, tend to be highly curated. I personally use the Apple TV variant of FulGaz, which I’d also argue is the cleanest Apple TV trainer app out there, from a user interface standpoint.

To get started you’ll be presented with a huge swath of outdoor rides to choose from. They’ve got various categorizations so you can flip through Netflix style until you find the end of the internet:


You can also favorite certain ones, and pre-cache the video download, including in 4K. Heck, for those geeks among us, you can even pre-cache them onto a local NAS server if you want to. The 4K bit is notable because apps like Zwift don’t actually render in 4K on Apple TV 4K, whereas this does. Cool stuff.


When it comes to sensors, the app supports everything out there that you’re likely to use, from power meters to smart trainers, and heart rate straps too. They’ve also done a fair bit of work behind the scenes with the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB to really nail that experience, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download. They do that by using a more advanced version of Wahoo’s CLIMB API, to send the commands just a tiny bit ahead of the trainer, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, so that what you see on the app matches what you feel in your legs precisely. It might sound like a silly nuance, but if you ride FulGaz on a constantly hilly course, and then ride some other app on a similar course – you’ll immediately notice how much more realistic FulGaz feels. Might also explain why Wahoo often will use FulGaz on KICKR CLIMB demo stations at trade shows.


Once you pick a course you’ll see the course profile and a few tidbits. And again, the ability to download it to your cache (to guard against any connectivity issues if you have a sketchy internet connection).


After that, simply hit go and get rollin’. The app shows all your power/HR/cadence/etc metrics, and even will show gearing for certain smart bikes. Again, we see FulGaz lead the way here showing gearing for the Wahoo KICKR Bike, something no other app to my knowledge has implemented yet.

The video playback speed will vary based on your output. In general, the vast majority of these videos are shot on a bike, with special GoPro camera setups and then post-processed to make them pop a bit more. Most look really good. As with Rouvy and Kinomap, there is the occasional case where your speed is faster or slower than the filmed recording speed, so you might see quirks there – but I find that tends to be somewhat more rare here than the other apps. Perhaps because FulGaz is a bit more selective in their uploaded routes. Or maybe the people filming it more closely match my normal speeds.


When it comes to post-ride functions, your data will share up to all the usual platforms you’d want it in. So Strava and such. And depending on your settings you can also receive a .FIT file with your ride too. Also, as with the ability to load files on a NAS server, the geeks in the house will find plenty of tweakable features deep in the settings – including things like playing with virtual road resistance (Crr). So the beauty is more than just skin deep here.

As I said early on – pretty outdoor rides is really FulGaz’s bag. However, they do also have some 12-week training programs in the app as well. These include a climbing focused program and an FTP focused program. The plans include a blend of scenic rides within FulGaz, matched with a structured workout that overlays windows 10 pro product key free Archives - Windows Activator the screen.


There isn’t a massive amount of depth to these structured workouts or the numbers of them, but hey, they are there for those that want to be a bit promiscuous from time to time away from the scenic rides.

Ultimately, I like having FulGaz in my pile of apps I can dig into, and with boatloads of rides to choose from (you can actually see the entire list here), many of them exceptionally long climbs, you won’t go bored anytime soon.

RGT (formerly Road Grand Tours):

It’s been roughly a year since Road Grand Tours rebranded to RGT Cycling. As part of that rebranding they also overhauled their app platform and made it more widely compatible. RGT as an app allows you to ride and race against other competitors in virtual worlds that mirror real life locales. These include places like the famed Cap Formentor in Mallorca. Plus some city spots like Canary Wharf in London. All in, there are 8 different worlds you can choose.

However, before we start that, we gotta get the app installed. Twice. See, as part of that overhaul I mentioned, RGT split up the app into a ‘Screen’ app and a ‘Companion’ app. And it requires both, on two separate devices. So you’ll need both your phone and another device like a tablet, computer, or Apple TV. While I agree that in practice, most people probably use two devices while they’re on the bike anyway. But in principle, it’s Internet Security Archives - Download Pro Crack Software annoying AF – especially if you just want to simply use a tablet:


Now some of you might say ‘But Zwift has a companion app too, how’s this any different?!?’. Well, namely in that the regular Zwift app can operate just fine without the companion app running. RGT can’t.

The ‘RGT Screen’ app is where you’ll view the game, whereas the ‘RGT Cycling’ app is how you’ll control the screen app. It’s sorta like a remote. In my case I predominantly used the RGT Screen app on my Apple TV, while the RGT Cycling app lived on my phone. The screenshots here are from a blend of the RGT Screen app on both Apple TV & iPad. You’ll pair up the two parts by putting in a simple four digit pin:

The Path of Calydra com Demo Disponível e Novidades de Jogos Nacionais alt="IMG_7190" width="182" height="392">IMG_1455

Once that’s done, you’ll use the companion app to navigate the menus of the screen app. You can’t touch your iPad and navigate things, you have to use the phone. In any event, RGT has basically two core categories of routes: ‘RGT Real Roads’ and ‘Magic Roads’. With Real Roads, it’s one of the aforementioned re-created routes. Whereas Magic Roads allows you to e-mail in a .GPX file and they’ll recreate the route in the app on the fly (the turns and elevation primarily). Here’s a quick gallery of all those routes:

In total the routes offered are:

– Cap Formentor, Spain
– Mont Ventoux, France
– Borrego Springs, USA
– Passo dello Stelvio, Italy
– Pienza, Italy
– Paterberg, Belgium
– Canary Wharf, UK
– 8bar, Germany (short 1KM crit course)

Once you’ve picked a route, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, you’ll go ahead and be able to start it, joining others on the platform. Up until the last week, the number of people on RGT was dismally bad. Like, virtually none (I know, they’ll say otherwise, but realistically it was empty except for bots). Last week it started getting better, and as of earlier today, it’s not too bad. Most of the courses mid-day European time have 20-30 people on them. You can see side by side my companion app with the screen app. However, there have been some cases in the last few days where it’s showing upwards of 100+ people on a given course.


Once you’re in a ride there’s some basic controls on the companion app to wave at people, change the camera angle, and tweak the on-screen display elements. Plus chat.


There are elements of RGT that are more realistic than Zwift, and yet others less so. For example, when you corner in RGT, your avatar actually slows down, versus Zwift it just screams through the corner like a drunk rider. Inversely, I find more graphical quirks in RGT – random rendering type issues that I don’t see as much in Zwift.


In terms of realism, that too depends, and people’s opinions vary. I think on a hugely spec’d out machine RGT will probably look better than Zwift on certain courses. However, for run of the mill iPad and Apple TV implementations, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, I think Zwift tends to pop a bit better.


That said, RGT aims to replicate a given route outside, whereas even in Zwift’s re-creations of certain courses they take varying degrees of creative liberty with structures and such nearby the courses. Again, to each their own.


RGT has races that are roughly every few hours. So that’s less frequent than Zwift, but that’s probably a good thing to ensure people in them. More notably though is that RGT has done a better job at allowing community creation of races. Today in Zwift, that all has to run through Zwift HQ. If you want to create a race, they have to approve it. Sure, you can create casual group events on Zwift, but that requires manually adding each person to a list by name, sending the invite, and being capped at 50 people. But with RGT you can simply create an event or race and send out the URL to a broader social media platform or e-mail list, and then even toggle whether or not it appears on public calendars. That’s a much better solution for teams or larger groups of people.


Aside from the clunky two-device requirement, my only issue with RGT is more about people. Or rather, lack thereof. On the smaller crit courses with COVID-19 it’s not an issue, because more people are indoors. But when you take a route like the Stelvio and only toss 20-30 people on there, it feels empty. That’s because while Zwift effectively locks it down to two live courses per day, RGT allows any course to be selected any time. I’ve long argued they should reduce that to 2-3 live courses on any given day. For example, they could have one mountain course, one non-mountain course, and one crit course live. That’s it. That’ll drive more people into those environments which make it feel much more alive.

Finally, RGT has a pile of structured workouts you can execute too, which are done atop a course of your choice:


You can even e-mail them structured workouts and Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download end up in your account. This and the e-mail of Magic Roads are a good example of finding balance between offering features and having it be totally automated. RGT doesn’t quite have the volume to need to automate the ingest of these functions, so e-mail still works. Whereas someone like Zwift at the scale they have, e-mail doesn’t work, and they need to automate more. For now, RGT is perfectly fine using e-mail as a means to enable these bits for people:


Overall I think RGT is trending in the right direction here. People being locked at home is finally getting real riders onto the platform, which may be the catalyst it needs. As I’ve said time and time again, I’d really like to Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download them at least trial the idea of a week or so of reduced course options to see if it increases the social aspects of the game. I know it might make some unhappy, but I think it’s what the platform needs to increase overall appeal. Beyond that, I’d really like to see them re-think the whole dual-screen thing, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, especially when on a tablet.

Still, despite those tweaks, I’m looking forward to whatever RGT focuses on next within the app. I believe they and Bkool are really the closest viable alternatives to Zwift if you’re looking for virtual world racing. Bkool undeniably has more people, but I think RGT has a bit more finesse. We’ll have to see how it all plays out.


Kinomap is one of the apps that’s been around a long, long time. Longer than most of the apps here in fact. The company largely specializes in videos from both outdoor (real-world) locations as well as indoor classes. They also have structured training as part of that, both with and without videos.

The app allows you to pair to basically any smart fitness device you can imagine. In fact, I’d even guess that no app has as much connectivity in it than Kinomap. The team there is like a Tinder power user for connected fitness equipment, if they can hook-up with it, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, they will.

To begin, you’ll crack open the app and find three core scenarios: Videos, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, Coaching (also includes videos), and Intervals:


Working backwards, the Intervals section is where you’ll find simplified structured training. This isn’t as advanced as some apps like TrainerRoad, but certainly has more than enough options in here to keep you busy on occasion:


Next, there’s the Coaching section. This is where coaching videos meets intervals. Each one of these are coached workouts that are recorded with video and synchronized to a structured training. Your smart trainer (if you have one), Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, will automatically adjust resistance based on the workout. These vary quite a bit. For example, there’s workouts that are a bit more like a Peloton class, while others are from endurance sports coaches. And yet others are ones from groups like GCN :


We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Next, there’s the main videos section. This is where the vast majority of Kinomap’s history and library comes from. They’ve got thousands and thousands of videos from all around the world. Some are super-crazy high-quality gimbal-stabilized videos shot on expensive production cameras. While others are simply from a GoPro on people’s bikes. Heck, I’ve even got a totally random video uploaded to it.


Knowing this, you can sort by quality levels as well as numerous other parameters, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, including map views and such.


In all of these videos, the terrain will control the resistance on your smart trainer. So if going up a climb, it’ll automatically adjust the simulated incline accordingly. They also adjust the video speed to match your output. In most videos this works out, but sometimes a video will be filmed at a substantially faster or slower speed than you’re riding it, and things like passing cars will look out of place. It’s a similar challenge on other apps that record outdoor rides, like Rouvy.

Now, to combine the best of both the outdoor video and structured training world I’ve picked this Coached workout from GCN. In this case it’s a blend of presenter footage of them riding Zoner Photo Studio X 19.2103.2.324 Crack is Here [Working] a studio, with outdoor footage from a scenic and stunning European mountain climb. However, despite being a climb, technically speaking the resistance is using ERG mode – and not incline.


While riding it, I can see other riders that have or are riding it at the moment, plus the resistance target on the right side in that mini-graph. At the bottom I can adjust resistance if things are a bit askew. And that’s one of the challenges of the coached workouts here is that you can’t see the exact wattage target like you can in most structured workout apps.


Kinomap says that’s done because a core chunk of their market is on indoor gym equipment which might not display that, so this keeps it more general at % based levels (e.g. 30%). It wasn’t a huge deal for me in this workout, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, but still, mentally I’d love to have known what those targets were.

Meanwhile, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, in the upper left side I see my current stats.

IMG_1428 2

I had connected it up to a smart trainer, as well as a Bluetooth Smart HR strap. Again, basically everything is supported here just fine:


After the workout is complete (and for the record, this workout is a beast despite the duration – it’s used more as a warm-up), then you’ll see your summary stats:


And then from there it’ll sync to various training platforms such as Strava & TrainingPeaks.

Kinomap is a solid option for those that want outdoor/real rides from all around the world. The coached workout sessions are also a good way to mix it up if you’re primarily a real rides type person, but want a bit of variety to spice it up. Plus, you can even record your own favorite outdoor rides easily and Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download re-ride them all winter long again. Or, you can Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download ride epic locales you can’t normally access. Now if you’re more of an ERG mode type person, I probably wouldn’t recommend Kinomap given the lesser amount of indoor training plans and fewer structured workouts. But that’s really the only issue I see with it.

Peloton App:

With over 100,000 subscribers to the tablet app alone (not including the bike subscribers), the Peloton app is likely #3 or #4 based on subscribers. Still, like the Peloton Bike, a lot of people that haven’t ever used Peloton Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download to misunderstand it. Sure, there’s plenty of workouts that aren’t terribly different than what YMCA’s Spin Classes have been doing for years. But there’s also boatloads of workouts that are based on wattage & power zones, and led by Olympic cyclists, Tour de France riders, and more. These are legit very structured workouts that rival anything you’ll find on any other platform. But more on that in a minute.

Peloton cycling comes in two basic flavors:

A) Buy a Peloton bike for $2,250, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, then pay $40/month
B) Use your own indoor bike, then pay $12/month for the app

The classes are identical and the same. The only difference is that if you use your own bike, you can’t send power metrics to the Peloton app. Only the Peloton Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download supports that. You can however pair a heart rate strap/sensor to the Peloton tablet app without issue (any Bluetooth Smart HR device).

While I will be doing a full review on the Peloton bike I bought back in January Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download slated for April), this tidbit here is all about the tablet app. The app is available for iOS (iPhone or iPad), Android (phone or tablet), Amazon Fire (TV or tablet), and web. Yes, I said web. You can actually use it entirely online with a simple browser. For the purposes of this though, I’m gonna use an iPad with a regular bike/trainer combo. You don’t need a bike trainer though with Peloton, any spin bike or stationary bike will do.

Once logged in you’ve got a Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download of core categories, including cycling, running, strength, yoga, meditation, stretching, walking, cardio, and bootcamp. Given this whole post is about cycling, we’re gonna stick to cycling.


Within PC Optimization Archives s, you’ll see a schedule of existing classes. However, you can tap ‘Schedule’ at the top and see what’s coming up that’s a live class. Right now because of COVID-19, the studios are all empty save the instructor. Still, digitally there will be thousands on the leaderboards doing the class with you. Point being if you look at classes older than a week ago, then you’ll see real-live people in the classes too. You can replay just about any class you want as well later on.


There’s also programs and collections. Programs are essentially a collection of workouts arranged by days, for multiple weeks laid out.


Whereas collections are more like a playlist of classes that are popular or themed in a specific way.


The ones that might appeal most to folks here are the Power Zone workouts. This is available in both an entire four-week program that first aims to establish your FTP and associated power zones, and then from there everything is based on power zones. Now that’s a bit tricky if you don’t have a power meter at all, and further trickier since the Peloton Digital App doesn’t connect to a power meter or smart trainer at all (only the Peloton Bike allows power display). But, if you do have a power meter/trainer and a watch/bike computer, then it’s pretty easy to sort out your power zones as you would with any other app here and just stick in those as defined by the workout.


For me, I enjoy Peloton workouts in one of two basic categories:

A) I turn my brain off and just enjoy getting a solid workout with usually well-matched music
B) I do a structured power workout, but still with music

For the second one, my favorite there is doing workouts by former Tour de France pro Christian Vande Velde. He seems to roughly do two workouts a month (far less than most other instructors). They’re almost all power-based, and all highly structured. You’d have a very hard time (if at all) telling them apart from anything you might see on TrainerRoad. Specificity is clearly the key here.


In any case, once you select a workout (from anyone) you’ll be able to pre-load it if you want to. Or tag it for later. Pre-loading allows you to then take your tablet/phone/whatever to somewhere that might have sketchy internet, like a hotel or gym. You can also see details about the workout, ratings for it, and the music in it. Music is everything to Peloton. Without music there would be no Peloton.


You can also pair a heart rate or cadence sensor too:


Once in the workout you’ll see the leaderboard to the right, as well as any high-fives from others. On the left you’ve got your heart rate and cadence. Up top is how much class time is remaining and the current chunk of the workout. There’s way less information on the Peloton Digital app than on a Peloton Bike:


You can mirror/cast your tablet to a bigger screen using either Airplay or Chromecast


The downside to the Peloton Digital App compared to the bike is the lack of showing the current targets for the Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, as well as some of the leaderboard bits. They just aren’t anywhere near as useful as when on a bike. It’s Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download one of those things you don’t notice until you have the bike and try to go back to the Peloton app, but still. For example, here’s what you see on a bike:


Once you’re done with a workout you’ll get the summary stats within the Peloton app. You can sync it to Strava, however that requires being done once on a real Peloton bike. Any Peloton bike. Even your friend’s, one at a hotel, or a Peloton studio. It’s frankly a stupid and annoying restriction for a platform you pay Peloton to use.


The Peloton app is undoubtedly different than every other app on this list. However, it’s also something that I suspect most cyclists here would actually find pretty engaging once you get into it, especially the power zone workouts. There are undoubtedly elements of some Peloton classes or specific instructors that I just find too over the top, or just too much ‘inspiration in a bottle’ type messaging for my tastes. But the Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download of them I do enjoy quite a bit, and the workouts go by exceptionally fast in comparison to most other platforms. Given their current 90-day free trial program, it’s probably worth even just to mix things up from time to time.


Rouvy has a blend of a number of different aspects in the platform. They’ve got thousands of outdoor videos, from locations all around the world. Then there’s structured workouts (which can be done atop certain videos), then there’s augmented routes, which are normal outdoor videos that have 3D elements overlaid on them like riders or sprint/finishing banners. Rouvy can sync in structured workouts from TrainingPeaks as well, plus you can create your own video and non-video routes and ride them too.


Starting with their core offering, Routes, you’ve got a pile of categories of different routes to pick from. You can filter these numerous ways, including on a map by just zooming around:


As you select a route it’ll show you the stats for that route and a map too:


At that point you can tap next to pair up any trainers or sensors that you might have. You can save multiple sensors here. You can also add a virtual partner, which is where you might add IObit Malware Fighter 7.6 crack serial keygen friend that recently did the ride and try and beat them.


Below that is the option for augmented routes. I’ve written about that fairly extensively in the past here. But as noted above it allows them to generate 3D riders and course elements atop and into the video itself to try and make it look like you’re racing or training with others that weren’t there when the video was shot. In some cases it looks fantastically realistic, and in other cases it’s a bit fake looking. Seems to vary.

For example, below the rider to the right is simulated, whereas the riders to the left are real. At a quick Ummy Video Downloader Crack Full, you probably didn’t realize that.

Once you’re ready you’ll hit training or race to begin. However, in my case I’m going to back-up slightly and choose a structured workout instead. Within that, I went into the popular category and selected one of the handful of structured workouts with a video overlay on it.


Like before it’ll ask you to validate trainer pairings and such, and then into the workout you go. It’s here you can choose what you want to see. For example, perhaps you want to see the structured workout bits:


Or, perhaps you’d rather just see the road ahead:


In that case you’ll see the workout pieces shown down along the bottom. And then as each interval or section starts it’ll have these gigantic screen overlays, just in case you had placed your tablet on the other side of the room.


The whole piece worked great, plus, there was music timed to it as well for the entire workout. Of course, my headphones died half-way through. But can’t exactly blame Rouvy for that. Afterwards you’ll get your summary stats like most apps:


And then as usual that’ll sync off to various 3rd party platforms automatically.

I see Rouvy and Kinomap as pretty similar in a lot of ways. From the types of content, to their user interfaces, to even their color schemes. Each though has its own take on it. In the case of Rouvy, they’ve spent a lot of time on their augmented reality bits, with the overlays and all. The idea being to still allow Zwift-like races, but on actual real-course videos. And by and large it does work pretty darn well. Whereas Kinomap has their twist being more around coaching and coached videos, which they’ve expanded quite significantly in the last year.

So you’ve essentially got to decide which type of secondary content works best for you. Both companies have tremendously huge libraries of real-world course videos, and both companies have ways to skew it slightly beyond that centerline. And both companies spend tremendous amounts of time ensuring that the tech side of the equation (pairing with trainers/etc) is nailed. Trainer manufacturers often note how on-top of things the engineers from both companies are in that respect.

Thus, give either one a shot to see if it’s the outdoor platform you were looking for.

The Sufferfest:

In many ways, The Sufferfest is the oldest indoor training platform on this list. Albeit, not quite in the same format that it started. Back a decade or so ago you probably remember going to your local bike shop and picking up Sufferfest DVDs that you’d ride along to, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download. Well, that’s the same company as today, albeit with a radically different product. True, the company was somewhat late to pivot, but that’s all old news these days – and their app is one of the cleanest and most well-executed user interfaces out there now.

The Sufferfest aims to deliver structured workouts (mostly high-intensity ones, as the name implies), coordinated with videos from epic locales or events around the world. The workout intensity, video, music, and other elements tie it all together into a cohesive package that’s crazy immersive. Not to mention the automatic control of your smart trainer to force that suffering down upon you. While Wahoo Fitness bought the company about a year ago, their apps work using the regular industry standards on ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart, so any trainer will do just fine.

The company also has training plans as part of the app, as well as videos and workouts beyond just cycling. These include yoga workouts, strength training, and a handful of running ones. And even mental focused exercises.


To get started you’ll download their app. It’s available on iOS, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, Windows, and Mac…but not Android – a rare omission on this list. In my case, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, I’m using their iOS app on an iPad. First up, you’ll pick out the workout of choice. You can do some filtering on the left side, including time/alphabetical/intensity.


After that, you’ll get your trainer and sensors all paired up. The iOS app, for example, can connect to Bluetooth Smart sensors using all the normal standards, while the Windows & Mac versions can also connect to ANT+ sensors.


Along the same sidebar where you pair sensors PDF Eraser Pro 1.9.5 Crack + Key 2021 Free Full PC where you can tweak various settings, including display overlays and such.

After that, it’s time to get busy. Think of Sufferfest workouts as coached workouts, with some of the instruction coming on-screen and some coming audibly. Generally speaking, as long as you’re following the on-screen bits you’re good.


The audio usually adds a secondary layer of detail, but isn’t required. SufferFest workouts tend to revolve around either races, group rides, or riding in scenic locales. Two of my favorites are newer ones actually, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, using on-board cameras from major pro races. One such workout is Team Scream, which is the *entire* time trial from the Hammer Series. It’s awesome. Zero video cuts, just one straight shot from the onboard cameras. You’re rotating through the team as if you were one of the riders.


Another shorter version is Joyride, where you’re doing some of the stages from the Tour de France, with various intervals accented by cobbled sections. The audio overlay tells a usually fictional and comic story about what’s going on.


Along the bottom of the panel you’ll see the exact target wattages or cadence levels being prescribed as part of the workout. If you have a smart trainer, these will automatically change the resistance on the trainer.

These target levels are based on your ‘4DP’ profile, which is essentially a more complex way of representing your maximal power at differing levels. Most apps use a singluar value, FTP, which is the maximum power you can sustain for an hour. With 4DP, they’ve got four different maximal power levels that they utilize, which acknowledges that people have different riding phenotypes. Meaning, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, some people are sprinters, some are endurance, and so on. You can take a 4DP test, which mostly involves being miserable for about an hour.  It’s got the same amount of suck as an FTP test or other type of athletic prowess test. These four values (NM/AC/MAP/FTP) are listed below to the right, and can be adjusted on a per workout basis (as the app will do in some plans).


Once the workout is completed you’ll get summary stats, and then it’ll sync all this data off to the various 3rd party sites that you’ve configured.


The Sufferfest is a great app for when you want to simply be distracted and can throw down the wattage. It’s really really really good at motivating you to ride hard, and keep it up till the end of the session. It tosses just the right amount of snark and insult in your direction to make you want to fight back. While the company does have training plans, the one slight gap in their lineup is individual workouts that aren’t ‘Suffering’.  Meaning, the vast majority of workouts are ‘go hard’, with very few focused on recovery rides. And those that are, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, are hard to find.

Still, the variety and production quality of content in terms of video and audio is awesome. And the extension into strength training, yoga, and other aspects does round out the platform well beyond Prey: Mooncrash Crack PC Game Full Version Free Download [2021] (all?) other companies’ offerings.

Tacx Training App:

The Tacx Training Suite has undergone many iterations over the years, and is among the oldest training apps here – if not perhaps the oldest actual software ones (The Sufferfest might predate it as a company, but Tacx may have had software first). In any event, things are different now, and the days of TTS4 are gone. Now it’s just the ‘Tacx Training App’. The app features super-high quality recorded outdoor rides, GPS rides with 3D rendering (including the ability to re-ride your own courses/routes), and a smattering of structured workouts.

[Note: The Tacx Training App only connects to Tacx trainers when on iOS or Android, however, on Windows/Mac it can connect to 3rd party power meters. More on that later.]

When you first launch the app you’ll see the latest new movies up top. Behind the scenes Tacx works with a company to have these shot on some crazy high cinema-quality production rigs that are fully stabilized. They’ve clearly been color corrected and everything else you’d expect, plus are almost always shot on a beautifully sunny day. They look fantastic. What you see on this top line is just the latest additions.


Down below that you can start a power or slope workout, which are just generic templates to record a ride.  Where you actually want to go is the ‘New Ride’ tab, which should honestly be the home tab. Up top there’s the Movies/GPS/Workout sub-sections. For movies, you’ll see more glorious screenshots to sift through.


Whereas the GPS tab has a few routes that you, in theory, can ride. In my case, this didn’t work at all and just hung forever, so, we’ll have to save this portion for a rainy day.


Update: Ok, I tried the desktop version, and this time it worked. Basically it uses Google Earth-like imagery to show your dot moving along. This is handy if they don’t have the precise video course you want, you can still see what’s around you and feel the elevation changes. Good for pre-riding a course.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.26.13 PMScreen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.28.09 PM

Finally there’s the Workout tab, which shows structured workouts. I’d say most of these are pretty basic in composition and utility.


But fear not, there’s also the ‘Training Room’ section of the app. That has challenges, where you can ride a collection of routes over a set number of days and even get real-life water bottles sent to you:


The only downside here is that the app keeps pushing you off to a website, I really wish it were all within the app nice and clean. But dang, the bottles look sweet!

The tests section includes a simple ramp and FTP test that you can do:


Whereas the Training Plans section has a handful of different plans depending on the type of focus you want (endurance, time trial, racing):


But we’re going to head back and ride one of the video rides instead right now, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, since that’s a core area of the Tacx Training App:


Once I pick a video, then it’ll allow me to choose my starting point. This is frankly one of the coolest features I’ve seen in a video-like program, because a lot of times on the bigger climb videos, the lower portion of the video may start off somewhere in a nearby town in the valley. Fine in real-life, boring to me if I’ve only got 45 mins. I want the epic views of up high (and the pain that comes with it).


Then, it’s off to start the app. You can pair it to any Tacx trainer, though, it won’t find other brands (at least via Bluetooth Smart anyway). I tried autotune pro crack mac Archives find a Wahoo KICKR, no luck. It’s an odd omission since back in the Tacx Desktop App days, they did work with other brands. And I certainly don’t see any scenario here where someone goes out and buys a Tacx product over a Wahoo product purely for this app. So you might as well take the revenue from anyone as opposed to just Tacx users.


Now, this is where disappointment begins. Despite being the one app that spends the most money to shoot epic videos, and the one app that has those videos stunningly color graded with perfect shadows and highlights…they force you to 720p streaming. Yes, 720p. Oh, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, well, I mean sure – there’s an option for 480p in case you really want that kind of pain:


And yes, in theory on the desktop app (I tried Mac), you can get yourself 1080p videos to pre-download. Except, that didn’t work. It wouldn’t let me select it for any of the pile I tried.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.29.42 PM

I don’t get it, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download. Why go to all the effort to create stunning imagery, stunning dashboards, and stunning videos: Only to offer them in 1998 resolution? I know – I’m probably more annoyed on this subject than any other app in this guide, but c’mon.

Update: Ah-hah, there’s actually a higher paid level that shows 1080p videos if you’ve got a premium account. Except, at the time of writing there’s no way to know that level even existed unless you found it within the app where it specifies the 1080p bit. Outside the app on the support site it just says “Premium Videos”. Versus inside the app in the support menu you’ll find it listing 1080p:

In any Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, beyond that, the app works just fine. You ride and it moves the video along perfectly:


You’ve got all the stats you’d expect on the screen in various positions. And you can see below other riders on this course as well.


Now the only other downside here is that they only support Strava for post-workout exports. Not even TrainingPeaks. You can at least e-mail yourself a .TCX file, so it’s not like you’re locked in. But with being over a year now since the Garmin acquisition, I’d have expected you to at least also be able to sync/push a file Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download Garmin Connect. I mean, even Zwift, TrainerRoad, and others have that.


Look – I think the Tacx app is one of the more well-done user interfaces of the entire list I’ve selected here, at least when you’re in the app. But it also feels a Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download unfinished. Many options (like settings above), pop you out to webpages to configure. And the same is true for challenges and other features within the Training Room section. And then there’s that whole low-res streaming thing or the fact that the 3D bits didn’t work for me.

Luckily for you those are all easy things for them to address and fix, and also, it’s free to use right now within a 30-day trial. So you can see if you like it, and if so, then perhaps give that feedback back to Garmin/Tacx on the things that you do and don’t like. For example – as I said above, I really love the ability to be able to start at predefined segments/chunks within the route. That’s super cool. As is the underlying quality of the videos here – nothing matches them in terms of how they were shot and processed. It’s just that I really want to see that. Especially those of us with big-screen TV’s. I’d love to be able to have a Tacx Training App on Apple TV with a 4K option to stream those movies back (just as YouTube, Netflix, and even FulGaz do). And I WOULD pay the extra few bucks for 4K (but I don’t feel like I should have to pay it for 1080p). In the meantime though, I’ll contemplate chasing after one of those swanky free water bottles as part of one of the challenges they have.


TrainerRoad sits comfortably as the second biggest cycling app behind Zwift, though, it’s actually older than Zwift. At its core ERG functionality, the app hasn’t changed dramatically over the years. Instead, the company has increased the number of ancillary features (as well as a whole bunch of polish), offering things like outdoor structured workouts and training log functionality. Ultimately, TrainerRoad though is all about executing structured training via specific workouts and heavily curated training plans. They then round that out with everything from season/race build planning, to their enormously popular ‘Ask a Cycling Coach’ podcast, and their always packed forum. While Zwift Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download ardent fans, I’d argue that TrainerRoad has a bit more cult-like followers (in a good way). Most people that stick with TrainerRoad for a bit, tend to stay there for years. Some do have dual accounts with Zwift however (like myself).

TrainerRoad is available on all major platforms (albeit not Apple TV), and the low graphical requirements make it easy to repurpose an older computer or tablet for the task at hand. Like Zwift, if your trainer (smart or dumb) doesn’t connect to TrainerRoad, then realistically you probably don’t want to be riding it. The company has an entire dedicated lab to working through trainer compatibility with companies.

When you launch TrainerRoad you’re essentially looking at either doing one-off individual workouts from their sprawling library, or, doing a specific training plan. The company includes all training plans in their offerings, and there are three core types of plans: Base, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, Build, and Specialty. Each of these three categories then has numerous secondary options with different block lengths. For example ones for cycling versus triathlon, or low volume vs mid or high volume:


Once you choose a plan, it’ll then show those workouts for you. Again, you don’t need to choose a plan. For the vast majority of the 8+ years I’ve been using TrainerRoad, I’ve just done ad-hoc workouts. But, if you do choose a plan it’ll start off with a ramp workout to assess fitness, and then go from there:


At that point, plan or not, the experience is the same. Once you crack open a workout you’ll see the workout structure, as well as descriptive notes. It’s this piece that probably sets TrainerRoad apart from most of their competitors. The workouts here all have a very specific purpose. Now, from a coaching theory standpoint one might or might not agree with every workout they’ve designed, but at least they explain their line of thinking and why they’re doing what they’re doing. Also, on the right side you’ll see ‘Workout variants’, which can add/remove time or intensity.


Up above you’ll see the workout wattage and structure of course, which are based atop your FTP. Change your FTP, and the workout pain increases or decreases. At this point you’ll tap ‘Load workout’, and you’re ready to begin. If you haven’t paired your trainer or sensors yet, you’ll do that through the sensors menu. It’s quick and easy and they support tons of smart and non-smart trainers:


Within those menus you can calibrate as well as enable features like PowerMatch, which matches your trainer to your bike’s power meter, so that the wattages will match out on the road. That feature can sometimes be a bit finicky in certain combinations – so I wouldn’t recommend using that on the regular, unless you’ve got a specific significant trainer inaccuracy issue you’re trying to fix.

Back in the workout, I’ll tap start to begin and then I’m off. The app will show your stats, including target wattages, and automatically change the resistance of your smart trainer accordingly. If you need to increase or decrease how hard the workout is, you can do so via the intensity (such as if you’re not feeling good, or if perhaps it’s too easy).


Some workouts have specific instructional text in them with things you’re supposed to work on. While others are silent. In some ways, this all looks simple. And honestly, it kinda is. But that’s Joint Operations : Typhoon Rising crack serial keygen kinda what makes it appealing to people. The ‘just works’ factor is exceptionally high, and the fact that there’s logic and methodology behind it all is appealing to vast sums of people. There’s good reason why TrainerRoad is considered one of the leaders in this space.


Once your workout is done it’ll go to their online training log, plus to 3rd party apps like Strava and TrainingPeaks. Their online training and analysis platform has slowly grown over the last few years, and can pull in outside workouts too. I outlined more of it here. It’s essentially like a mini-TrainingPeaks:


Speaking of outdoor workouts, you can take many of the structured workouts outside. So if you’ve got something on your schedule, there’s options for a lot of them to convert them to outdoor workouts, which tweaks the formatting slightly to make them more viable in a real-world road scenario. Here’s the same workout, at left for indoor, and at right toggled into outdoor mode (which you can then push to a Wahoo GPS computer):


Finally, there’s abilities within the training plans to account for life events like work travel or no-workout days due to family obligations. Again, these sound like little things, but simply put nobody else is doing this kind of stuff. These functions in total ultimately can provide a near-coach-like experience for people trying to plan out and execute their training and racing.


Which isn’t to say coaches aren’t valuable, they absolutely are. And they dispense knowledge and feedback about your workout and its execution that  TrainerRoad doesn’t at this point. But if you can’t afford a coach, or if it doesn’t fit into your preferences, this is a pretty good step.


The final reason they’ve got a cult-like following is their weekly ‘Ask a Cycling Coach’ podcast where they dive into all the nuances of training and racing with questions from users, and overwhelmingly deep dives into nuanced cycling topic areas. Plus their forums, where users trade tons of knowledge. Again, these might sound like things you skim over, but as any regular TrainerRoad user will tell you – the amount of knowledge in those two areas about how to actually get faster is astounding.

Still, the challenge TrainerRoad faces is the fact that it took me about 18 paragraphs to explain how extensive the platform is. The secondary problem they face is there isn’t much instant gratification at this point. Compared to riding in Zwift which is visually mind-grabbing as well as has a social training and racing element, TrainerRoad is just staring at numbers on a screen. Now, as many of you know – I personally like that. But I’d love to see TrainerRoad figure out how to increase their social interaction on the platform for those that want it. Whether it be recorded workouts by a handful of coaches, or ways for users to interact with each other.

Nonetheless – if you’re looking for a way to get faster in racing through science-backed training and structures, then it’s hard to beat what TrainerRoad is offering. From the singular workouts all the way up to training plans that can be tweaked on the fly to deal with life events, the depth of what they have as a platform might be hard to see until you spend time with it. But it’s there, you just gotta invest the sweat.


In a lot of ways Xert is unlike any other app on this list. It’s both a training app as well as a complete training log platform. Yes, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, TrainerRoad has some training analysis/logging, but Xert takes it to an entirely different level. Xert would see themselves (rightly so) more as a competitor to TrainingPeaks than anything else. But, they also see their entire indoor training app as critical to that. It’s also the only app on this list that dynamically adjusts the workouts in real-time based on your progress through it.

It’s also the only app on this list that’s dynamically adjusting your FTP after every workout you do, no matter the source and without an FTP test. It just happens behind the scenes by looking at your actual data. See, you can hook-up your account to Strava, Garmin, Wahoo, and others, and it’ll swallow all your data constantly behind the scenes and ensure that whatever trainer ride you do exactly matches your current fitness level. It’s super cool, and I’ve written about the platform side in the past here.


[Note: For this review section I’m using the new user interface which is set to go live any day now. I’ve used and pay for Xert for years, so I’m pretty familiar with how things work on the whole regardless of the new interface, but just figured I’d mention that to reduce confusion here until this is rolled out.]

But, this post isn’t about training platforms. It’s about trainer apps. Now in this case the company has an iOS and Android app, but not an iOS one optimized for iPad. They’ve also got a desktop variant too that you can actually run from a webpage. Pretty cool. In my case, I just used the iOS one on iPad anyway. Once you crack it open, you’ll see your current history on the lower left tab, as well as some period stats on the aptly named ‘stats’ tab.


Next, there’s a workout that’s ready for me. It did this automatically as a recommendation, deciding what it believes is the best workout for my current situation. When I tap it, I can see a little bit more detail about the workout, including the MPA line in purple – which is showing me my maximal power available. MPA is a core metric in Xert and is kinda like Street Fighter health. If you do a hard sprint, your ability to keep on sprinting at 800w or 1,000w decreases over time. Specifically that you can’t do that forever, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, and you see that below. Additionally, a significant effort will reduce your viable MPA over the rest of the workout.


Alternatively, you can pick a different workout. The ones that have the words ‘Smart’ next to them are ones that are dynamic in nature, as we’ll see in just a second. At that point, go ahead and pair it up to your sensors. Trainers, heart rate sensors, etc. – all the usual stuff you’d expect here.


Now, once we hit start we’ll get right into things. The top 1/3rd of the app has multiple pages you can swipe through, but the remainder largely stays as-is. If you look at these first two mini-pages, you’ll see an overview of the workout, as well as my average power at this point in the workout (a mere 30 seconds into it.)


The next two mini-pages include a graph of effort and then available MPA, and then followed by that is the schedule of events in text format. In other words, what’s coming up split-wise and power-wise, plus the estimated MPA available.


The workout will iterate through, automatically adjusting the power on your train accordingly. You can skip or go ahead in an interval by pressing the VCR-like buttons above. Or you can adjust intensity by pressing the +/- buttons. You can see your target and actual watts.

However, the key thing that separates Xert here is their smart workouts, which are dynamically adjusting. And as it would turn out (unexpectedly), this feature demonstrated itself perfectly to me. See, the day before I had done two hard interval workouts…one of them finishing up at midnight…followed by only a handful of hours of sleep.

Xert in theory knows what my targets should be, based on my bike efforts. But it doesn’t at this point know my body state. So in some ways it was a bit optimistic. But how it changes mid-workout is pretty fascinating.

So, my warm-up and such went just fine, and then some light build, also just fine. And then it went into the first hard interval – which was targeted at 673w for 36 seconds. However, reality struck and my body (and legs) basically said ‘No’. About half-way through the interval things fell apart. Just wasn’t going to happen. However, as my failure occurred, you could see the app adjusting the intensity of the interval to try and give me a new realistic target.

I didn’t have a series of screenshots for that, because…umm…I was trying not to die.

Instead though, for the next interval I screen recorded. This one was earlier on targeted for 25 seconds VAZ Modular v2.50 crack serial keygen 592w (seen left in the list at the top of the screen). However, as soon as I start the interval you’ll see the actual duration has been cut to 18 seconds. Atop that, shortly into the interval it then reduces my target watts a bit further.


Now, some of you might say ‘Well, maybe you could have made that interval with a bit more push?’, maybe the app cut me off too early? And perhaps in some cases that could be true. Having used this feature occasionally over the years, I find it seems to do a good job at figuring out what’s viable vs not viable. So why would it have scheduled me to do something I couldn’t have done?

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 LCR Hallcrest Develops, Manufactures and Markets:

A comprehensive range of thermometers and temperature labels that can be found in virtually any industry including process and quality control where:

  •          Digitemp® thermometers are used to monitor room and environmental temperature.
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  •          Color changing dyes, pigments and inks which are used to communicate proper usage, storage conditions and engage          audiences with smart designs that increase message awareness.
  •          Liquid Crystal for Science that is used for research and non-destructive testing.

“We are excited to release our new website intended to focus on the consumer looking to trial and experiment with color changing thermometers, indicators, labels, inks and science products.” comments Rocky Sapienza, VP of Operations for LCR Hallcrest. “This new site will allow us to better serve our e-commerce customers.”

 Contact for further information or shop at Thermometersite. 

 About LCR Hallcrest:  The company is the leading international manufacturer of “SMART” color and chemical changing labels, thermometers, pigments and graphics that react to environmental and temperature fluctuations, providing visible evidence of change and measurement with in-house design, development and manufacturing capability.                    

Press Contact:                                                                                                                  SM 313 Rev00

John Romano

LCR Hallcrest

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TRACON and ramp feedsCarro 2018-11-27 06:11:0125/26 Nov: Winter is Coming!kitsaber691 2018-11-27 06:11:0125/26 Nov: Winter is Coming!kitsaber691 2018-11-25 01:53:04American 738 Birdstike on Takeoff at KBOSmk223 2018-11-24 19:20:36Unauthorized vehicle on the airfield - Duluth, MNNpete7381 2018-11-16 09:33:48Re: 14/15 Nov: Bedlam at JFKFryy 2018-11-16 07:44:1714/15 Nov: Bedlam at JFKkitsaber691 2018-11-15 22:55:01HAVOC76 KMCC Hydraulic IssueFryy 2018-11-13 18:59:0812 Nov: Gulfstream 690C Turbo Commander, N840JC, crash on approach to MYRCarro 2018-11-13 17:29:0212 NOV: Hawker lands with nose gear up at MinneapolisVictorAtienza94 2018-11-12 13:09:0111 NO Aira E190 flight control problems near LIS nearly results in a/c ditching Palal 2018-11-09 23:17:13Re: Random short clipstigerheavy 2018-11-09 18:53:29LAS controller having medical emergency?silagi 2018-11-09 14:59:30Re: KLAS Controller Medical Issuegillmores 2018-11-07 19:03:26KYE4854_CYHZ Runway OverrunFryy 2018-11-06 03:43:244 Nov: AF65 Diversion to Denverkitsaber691 2018-11-06 02:24:555 Nov: TAP573 Diversion to ORYkitsaber691 2018-11-02 10:02:15DAL589 KMSPFryy 2018-10-28 20:16:05 23 Oct:Beech S35 Bonanza, N113V, emergency landing and later engine fire at LAXCarro 2018-10-28 20:12:1722 Oct: Cessna 172R Skyhawk, N109TJ, engine fire at PDKCarro 2018-10-24 04:26:1323 Oct: North American SNJ-5 Texan, N7969C, crash landing on 101 FreewayCarro 2018-10-21 19:44:42Re: Random short clips- AHY101 confusion on approach to JFKCarro 2018-10-20 07:02:1319 Oct: Piper PA-28-161, N8125Y, emergency landing on highway in CalifoniaCarro 2018-10-18 16:56:13KLYH Liberty 124 Engine Failure on takeoffgillmores 2018-10-16 23:41:31Re: 16 OCT: SWA 900 Missed Approach at KBUR?Fryy 2018-10-14 12:35:3110 oct: Envoy 3940 gear issue at JFKCarro 2018-10-12 15:26:30Swissair pilot gets extremely angry at ZurichVictorAtienza94 2018-10-11 02:48:48Re: Random short clipskitsaber691 2018-10-09 18:49:11JBU178 Engine Fire KLASFryy 2018-10-04 13:22:31Re: 4 Oct: UA839 LAX-SYD Mayday VictorAtienza94 2018-10-02 17:48:25Re: 1 Oct: Rough day at JFK!Carro 2018-10-02 03:00:401 Oct: Rough day at JFK!kitsaber691 2018-10-02 03:00:401 Oct: Rough day at JFK!kitsaber691 2018-10-01 17:42:49Blue Angels arrive at Oakland for Fleet Week SFSQK7700 2018-09-30 18:33:35Re: 30 Sep 2018: N818GM forced landing short of KADS - engine casualtyn0qxw 2018-09-30 14:37:09Traffic Diversion KPVDFLYRI 2018-09-30 13:38:05Re: Random short clipstigerheavy 2018-09-30 13:35:02Re: Random short clipstigerheavy 2018-09-29 18:39:26Skunk hit and kill by E175 at CYOWccudmore 2018-09-28 23:53:55Re: Random Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download clipstigerheavy 2018-09-28 00:10:09Re: Dassault Falcon 50 crashes in Greenville, South Carolinagillmores 2018-09-27 11:59:07Favourite auntie banter / Dublin area (Jan 2017)lot105 2018-09-27 11:56:28Passenger on Dublin apron running after taxi-ing Ryan Airlot105 2018-09-26 06:44:34Re: Random short clipskitsaber691 2018-09-22 18:15:38Re: Near deadly runway crash averted at Dulles ATC error.gillmores 2018-09-20 20:33:27Near deadly runway Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download averted at Dulles.twarr3 2018-09-16 18:16:20747 asked to give way to Cherokee at JFK & not cautioned re. wake turbulence.Shmendrik 2018-09-14 20:54:2311 Sep: Air India 101, B773, lost multiple instruments in New YorkCarro 2018-09-14 07:39:01Passenger has stroke inflight - IcelandAir 630 (BOS-KEF) diverts to Gander, NFShmendrik 2018-09-14 06:28:34BA arrives & recovers stranded passengers at Iqaluit.Shmendrik 2018-09-13 09:46:00BA103 (1YC) declares PanPanPan, smoke in the cockpit, diverts to YFB - Part 3Shmendrik 2018-09-13 09:42:28BA103 (1YC) declares PanPanPan, smoke in the cockpit, diverts to YFB - Part 2Shmendrik 2018-09-13 09:29:56BA103 (1YC) declares PanPanPan, smoke in the cockpit, diverts to YFB - Part 1Shmendrik 2018-09-11 19:04:02New York TRACON controller speaks Koreanwiedehopf 2018-09-11 10:02:02Antonov 225 OAK dept. gets a full escort, cleanup, & press. (links in details)Shmendrik 2018-09-10 18:47:259 Sept 2018, N2496X BVY Student Solo lost right wheel, great job Captain Maggie!121mhz 2018-09-10 13:53:17Eagle11 flight of 4 departing JFK in IMCwiedehopf 2018-09-10 01:22:21Antonov 225's arrival at OAK generates excitement among pilots.Shmendrik 2018-09-09 10:10:2017 Aug: Beech N35 Bonanza, N1330Z, lost power ditched in ocean near MayportCarro 2018-09-06 17:09:53Cessna 180 crashes on short final into Richmond, VAgillmores 2018-09-05 02:49:204 Sept: MU524 Nose Wheel Problemkitsaber691 2018-09-04 18:52:4731 Aug: N10DS takeoff without clearance to flee from the police(later crashed)Carro 2018-09-02 18:53:472 Sep: Jetblue 1274 at JFK, nose wheel steering issue, and more?Carro 2018-09-02 10:56:40Sochi airport closed due to UTAir 579 RWY overrun. TK295 returns to Istanbul.Shmendrik 2018-09-02 10:51:14UTAir 579 RWY overrun at Sochi. Wind shear. Airport closed and flights diverted.Shmendrik 2018-09-01 09:28:3329 Aug: UPS 634 smoke in cockpit divert to Cedar RapidsCarro 2018-08-31 04:21:34A320 mistakes FMY Page Field for RSW Southwest Florida Internationalsaab340 2018-08-30 19:18:01Re: Random short clipsCarro 2018-08-24 03:37:0622 Aug: Customs and Border Protection plane engine failure and crash in MaineCarro 2018-08-23 19:23:03Re: Vintage war plane crashes, erupts into flames in Blaine, MNgillmores 2018-08-21 06:43:41UA3531 Passenger Issuekitsaber691 2018-08-19 10:36:54Re: Small Plane Lands On Highway.AgainCarro 2018-08-19 08:30:29Re: Random short clipsFryy 2018-08-18 19:21:25Lan Cargo 1102captkel 2018-08-18 08:53:09Re: Random short clipswiedehopf 2018-08-16 11:16:43AUG 15: Qantas freight 737 declares Mayday after losing cabin pressure tigerheavy 2018-08-14 18:38:08Saudia's final departure from Canada (Toronto, CYYZ)jumpstartation 2018-08-13 20:19:22Re: Unauthorized takeoff at SEA - Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800gillmores 2018-08-12 16:05:45Re: Unauthorized takeoff at SEA - Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800gillmores 2018-08-11 22:06:34Re: Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800 - F-15 InterceptCarro 2018-08-11 14:50:39Re: Seattle - Q400 stolen by airline mechanic, chased then crashedDanno_FZ1 2018-08-11 08:38:59Unauthorized takeoff at SEA - Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800Shmendrik 2018-08-07 21:17:17Re: August 07th 2018: Smoke warning UAL4697 from IAD to Providence diverted to JFKCarro 2018-08-07 18:40:45August 07th 2018: Smoke warning UAL4697 from IAD to Providence diverted to JFKwiedehopf 2018-08-04 18:44:012 Aug: Cessna 172N, N75575, emergency landing on I-94 in BillingsCarro 2018-08-04 05:24:03Mitsubishi MU-2 Blows Through SFO Class Bsumdog747 2018-08-02 23:01:37KOSH craziness on runway 09mtpiper 2018-07-31 20:11:49KOSH Long EZ gear collapsemtpiper 2018-07-30 14:47:5929 Jul: Qantas 7554 B744 blown tire on takeoff at JFKCarro 2018-07-29 22:42:02 27 Jul: Ercoupe 415-D, N99055, engine failure land on Lake Shore DriveCarro 2018-07-29 17:22:4529 July: United 1976 Gear emergency121mhz 2018-07-28 16:09:3926 Jul: Spirit 779 chemical smell 10 to hospitalCarro 2018-07-28 12:35:0119 Jul: UPS 2691 engine fire at Las VegasCarro 2018-07-27 17:24:30Re: Random short clipsCarro 2018-07-26 22:15:59Re: Random short clipsBanditB17 Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download 12:49:5718 Jul: Malaysia 134 unreliable airspeed and more returned to BrisbaneCarro 2018-07-26 12:42:1226 Jun: Cessna 172S Skyhawk, N154ME, engine failure near KDVTCarro 2018-07-26 03:22:40Re: Random short clipsBanditB17 2018-07-25 07:12:5327 jun: Vehicle crossed runway when Envoy 3660 was taking off at KSGFCarro 2018-07-24 15:47:06Crash at Lincoln County Airport, NC (KIPJ) kills twoswawkbox 2018-07-20 02:12:26EK235 Diversion to YYRkitsaber691 2018-07-19 22:59:42KTRK N5329K CrashFryy 2018-07-19 17:25:3417 Jul: N16281 and N6428D fatal mid-air collision in MiamiCarro 2018-07-18 15:32:57Re: Random short clipswiedehopf 2018-07-18 12:37:1418 JUL: Virgin Australia 737 with flap issuetigerheavy 2018-07-18 11:44:53Re: Random short clipstigerheavy 2018-07-18 11:19:04Re: Random short clipstigerheavy 2018-07-16 19:30:3329 Jun: Beech E-90 King Air, N43PC, gear collapsed on landing at KLASCarro 2018-07-16 19:12:10A couple of cone problems at JFKCarro 2018-07-16 19:12:10A couple of cone problems at JFKCarro 2018-07-16 18:17:2813 Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download N48BG busted JFK class Bravo twiceCarro 2018-07-09 19:02:137 Jul: N312SA, Medevac helicopter crash landing in ChicagoCarro 2018-07-04 01:22:03Re: 30 June: Pearson Dave during YYZ heat wavekitsaber691 2018-07-03 18:25:4417 Jun: Cessna 402C, N322HA, electrical failure and gear up landing at KFLLCarro 2018-07-02 00:35:321 July: AC851 Diversion to YFBkitsaber691 2018-07-01 09:09:09Re: Random short clipswiedehopf 2018-07-01 01:05:2630 June: Pearson Dave during YYZ heat wavekitsaber691 2018-06-27 03:10:36Guy jumps fence at ATL and tries to board a plane. This Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download comical.ChrisMOlmstead 2018-06-21 21:39:5021 Jun 2018: China Airlines 5148 Runway Excursion during go-around at ORDwiedehopf 2018-06-19 20:35:10Random short clipswiedehopf 2018-06-18 18:58:4413 Jun: Cessna 175 Skylark, N9423B, landing at PALH after mid air collisionCarro 2018-06-18 13:26:0418 JUN: Cessna 525 Citation engine failure tigerheavy Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download 07:59:12audio tidbitswiedehopf 2018-06-12 16:35:28KLM 807 (TPE-MNL) entered Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium 2021 Crack Taxiway in MNLPRFlyer 2018-06-10 08:32:089 Jun: N21161 crash on final to KDAB with thunderstorm in the areaCarro 2018-06-10 06:21:549/10 June: Interesting conversation on YYT Approachkitsaber691 2018-06-09 11:54:138 jun: Beechcraft Baron 58, N190RS, fire on wing at KBTRCarro 2018-06-08 17:30:097 Jun: Cessna 152, N93989, engine problem and oil leak lands on I-75 near KGNVCarro 2018-06-04 20:37:234 June: Short extracts from the ZAB and KELP archivesGeoffSM1 2018-06-04 19:20:423 June: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after hail damages windscreens - trimmedGeoffSM1 2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hailglockjacket 2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hailglockjacket 2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hailglockjacket 2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hailglockjacket 2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to Ashampoo Anti-Virus v3.1.9377 Crack 2022 Download Version FREE Paso after Hailglockjacket 2018-06-03 20:23:21Re: 31 May and 1 June. Extracts from the KMAF archives.GeoffSM1 2018-06-03 20:01:5731 May: Cirrus SR22, N670SR: Fatal accident at KMAFGeoffSM1 2018-06-02 21:04:191 June: Student pilot successfully lands Cessna in residential road off KSNAGeoffSM1 2018-06-01 22:02:3430 May: N787MR rough running engine landing in field in Lincoln, NebraskaCarro 2018-05-31 19:24:4630 May: North American SNJ-2 Texan fatal accident in Melville, New YorkCarro 2018-05-31 16:21:4029 May: Condor010 B763 electrical burning smell and smoke on approach to MSPCarro 2018-05-28 19:00:0326 May: Piper PA-28R-180 Arrow, N3206R, emergency landing on freewayCarro 2018-05-28 13:46:43Re: Can anyone help me find audio from fatal crash in Port Orange?GeoffSM1 2018-05-28 13:04:2223 May: United UA-17 diverted to Shannon due to cabin pressure issue.GeoffSM1 2018-05-27 00:48:2217 Apr: ExpressJet 5507 lost tyre on departure from LaGuardiaCarro 2018-05-26 22:28:557 May: Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon, N5500W, lost tailwheel on departure at SLNCarro 2018-05-26 20:33:28Jetblue E190 unable VOR 22L and BA pilot accidental transmissionCarro 2018-05-26 20:33:28Jetblue E190 unable VOR 22L and BA pilot accidental transmissionCarro 2018-05-26 20:04:0026 May: Unidentified flying object in New YorkCarro 2018-05-24 20:14:1519 May: Endeavor CRJ9 runway excursion on landing at LexingtonGeoffSM1 2018-05-22 20:03:4720 May: N1101X fatal accident on Bald Mountain, VermontCarro 2018-05-17 20:01:2916 May: Delta 1888 Engine failure at JFKCarro 2018-05-13 00:59:487 May: Piper PA-28 Cherokee, N642RJ, fuel leak and crash landing in parking lotCarro 2018-05-13 00:44:457 May: Southwest 1118 flaps problem and low fuel(only approach)Carro 2018-05-12 18:02:3811 May: Cirrus SR22, N507TX, fatal crash near Centennial AirportCarro 2018-05-10 16:11:10Re: Pilot says he had seconds to decide where to land plane in Vero BeachCarro 2018-05-09 11:52:008 May: UPS4 WAW-HKG turns around to WAWMhrok 2018-05-09 11:52:008 May: UPS4 WAW-HKG turns around to WAWMhrok 2018-05-08 19:54:263 dec: Something flying over 22R and/or a dog at JFK. Any ideas?Carro 2018-05-06 11:18:45Southern Air flight with landing gear problem (YMML)tigerheavy 2018-05-05 12:42:365 May: Jetstar A320 landing gear problemtigerheavy 2018-05-05 08:51:253 May: American 970 fumes, autopilot, autothrottle, other failures divert to SGFCarro 2018-05-04 04:24:28Re: 30 apr: Cessna 310G, N2212A, hit a tree or a bird on landing at KGNVCarro 2018-05-03 19:38:0830 apr: Cessna 310G, N2212A, hit a tree or a bird on landing at KGNVCarro 2018-05-02 19:03:4529 April: Cessna R182 Skylane, N6078C, gear collapse on landing at KPRCCarro 2018-05-01 19:50:1029 Apr: FedEx 9792 fuel leak divert to NewarkCarro 2018-04-30 18:18:43Re: 04 April 2018: KDAB fatal accident discovery on tower frequencyGeoffSM1 2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on AnyDVD HD FULL Archives Ground 28 AprilN433UA 2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 AprilN433UA 2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 AprilN433UA 2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 AprilN433UA 2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 AprilN433UA 2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 AprilN433UA 2018-04-28 22:28:52Drone sightings (including a near collision) at KEWR on 30 July 2017.GeoffSM1 2018-04-28 08:24:1125 Apr: Lufthansa 400 Super unable to land runway 22 at JFK divert to PHLCarro 2018-04-27 19:46:0026 Apr: Yakovlev Yak 52 crash near Portland-Hillsboro AirportCarro 2018-04-27 11:37:0427 APR: Qantas Freight 737 with cockpit instrumentation problemtigerheavy 2018-04-26 23:11:22Re: 24 April: Odds and ends at SFOGeoffSM1 2018-04-26 03:13:5224 April: Odds and ends at SFOkitsaber691 2018-04-25 21:31:3830 Mar: From the North Perry Airport (KHWO) archived filesGeoffSM1 2018-04-25 21:02:1320 Apr: Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow, N8564N:in Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaGeoffSM1 2018-04-24 21:27:05Re: F-16 Crash Landing at Lake Havasue City KhIIGoodkill 2018-04-23 19:32:00Re: VX1357 Emergency Landing ORD 4/20/18Carro 2018-04-22 12:51:5925 Mar: Bonanza N7019N, part of conversation in fatal flightCarro 2018-04-22 12:40:0831 Mar: Air Canada 481 bird strike and more birds, birds, birds at MontrealCarro 2018-04-21 18:25:5623 Mar: A Cessna 172R, N987AV, went off side of runway on landing at KBVICarro 2018-04-19 04:17:42DAL30 Engine Fire out of ATLfulcrum 2018-04-18 14:23:38Re: 17 April - SWA1380ronr530 2018-04-18 02:05:1616 April: UA1559 Elevator Problemskitsaber691 2018-04-17 19:49:05Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14thchapinb 2018-04-17 19:43:16Re: 17 April - SWA1380VictorAtienza94 2018-04-17 18:43:12Re: 17 April - SWA1380Carro 2018-04-17 18:15:32Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14thdanmel 2018-04-17 18:15:32Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14thdanmel 2018-04-17 18:15:32Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14thdanmel 2018-04-17 18:01:5517 April - SWA1380greenbird73 2018-04-17 02:00:5214 April: AC1219 Blown tire on landing at YHZkitsaber691 2018-04-15 20:12:0112 April: DL5879 struck by lightningkitsaber691 2018-04-15 18:39:4717 Mar: Experimental Skybolt, N27265, forced Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download 2018-04-15 08:28:3116 Mar: N761DV forced landing after total loss of engine powerCarro 2018-04-14 21:37:038 Apr: Allegiant 456 braking action nil overran runway on landing at Sioux FallsCarro 2018-04-13 03:09:2911 April: THY34 Medical Diversion to JFKkitsaber691 2018-04-11 01:02:1911 April: Jetstar A321 hydraulic system failuretigerheavy 2018-04-10 02:04:157 April: No need for an intro this time!kitsaber691 2018-04-08 11:48:2326 Dec: Tame 8103 unreliable speed and altitude with unnecessary no-gyro vectorsCarro 2018-04-08 11:16:478 Mar: N8191B engine failure and crash when trying to land on a roadCarro 2018-04-05 23:56:5204 April Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download KDAB fatal accident discovery on tower frequencyeagle21 2018-04-03 19:16:39A new callsign when Norwegian Air UK begin operating flights to USACarro 2018-04-02 01:28:521 April: I guess we're calling him Pearson Dave?kitsaber691 2018-03-31 22:32:1220 Mar: Norwegian 7014 engine failure when putting on takeoff power at JFKCarro 2018-03-31 17:01:2231 Mar: Delta 2836 bird strike on takeoff returns to JFKCarro 2018-03-30 04:42:5927 March: 2 Condors divert to YYTkitsaber691 2018-03-26 16:56:09Re: 26 Mar: LOT3PE/LO382 tire blown after landing at EPWAMhrok 2018-03-26 16:27:3426 Mar: LOT3PE/LO382 tire blown after landing at EPWAMhrok 2018-03-26 00:34:1325 March: AC7618 Smoke in Cockpitkitsaber691 2018-03-25 10:59:0322 Feb: Cessna 441 N771XW initial problem in fatal flightCarro 2018-03-24 18:46:5718 Mar: JetBlue 2401 electrical burning smell return to JFKCarro 2018-03-23 23:43:58 22 Mar: Significant disruption at KSNA after a plane skidded off a runway GeoffSM1 2018-03-23 17:14:5413 March: Cessna T210N Centurion crash after takeoff from Kissimmee AirportCarro 2018-03-23 11:08:1923 Feb: United 878 overran runway at Green BayCarro 2018-03-23 11:08:1923 Feb: United 878 overran runway at Green BayCarro 2018-03-22 22:36:0721 March: Waterski 4361 engine fire indication at JFKCarro 2018-03-20 04:14:5218 March: Royal Jordanian 261 Diversion to Bostonkitsaber691 2018-03-15 06:38:4713 March: YYZ ground controller having funkitsaber691 2018-03-14 22:10:29KJFK ATIS: Stephen Hawking tribute on March 14thflyflyfly 2018-03-12 23:30:303 Mar; Republic E170 at Nashville bird strike during take offGeoffSM1 2018-03-12 21:14:26Landings within minutes of the UBG211 crash at VNKT. GeoffSM1 2018-03-12 18:30:46KRFD 03-12-2018, 14:49Z, N96772 Crash LandingGRC1974 2018-03-12 18:19:19UBG211 (Callsign: Bangla Star) Crash VNKT. Disoriented pilot confused RWY 02/20.Shmendrik 2018-03-12 01:34:1711 March: Helicopter crash in East River (NYC)kitsaber691 2018-03-11 06:11:38N422PS 'Vaporlock' Engine Failure and Crash ADS 10MAR18pilotkev1 2018-03-11 04:09:09SportCruiser N378PS Engine Failure Addison TX VAZ Modular v2.50 crack serial keygen 2018-03-04 12:02:481 March: Avalon Airport lighting failure causes Jetstar diversiontigerheavy 2018-03-02 00:01:091 Mar: SKW4315 from Providence to Detroit in emergency diversionGeoffSM1 2018-03-01 20:50:511 Mar: TUI B788 near Dublin with cracked windshield diverts to London, GatwickGeoffSM1 2018-02-23 21:52:3222 Feb: Lufthansa B748 engine failure but not an emergency --- ATC surprisedwiedehopf 2018-02-21 23:38:4018 Feb: Socata TBM700, N700VX: Fatal accident nr Evanston-Uinta County Airport GeoffSM1 2018-02-21 22:58:5621 Feb: Finland beaten by Canada in Mens Ice Hockey Quarter FinalGeoffSM1 2018-02-21 22:04:56Re: Small Plane crash Montgomery fieldGeoffSM1 2018-02-21 22:04:56Re: Small Plane crash Montgomery fieldGeoffSM1 2018-02-18 21:34:3716 Feb: American B763 diverts to the Azores with multiple system failuresGeoffSM1 2018-02-18 00:02:1014 Feb: Confused EIDW Tower gives aircraft on Apron take off clearance.GeoffSM1 2018-02-17 23:41:5512 Feb: SAS B737 unable to retract gear on departure from ShannonGeoffSM1 2018-02-17 22:36:5714 Feb: Busy day at Dublin - bird activity and Shamrock #12C with a gear issueGeoffSM1 2018-02-14 17:53:50UAL1775_PHNLFryy 2018-02-12 19:53:1629 Jan: Beech C90 - Left main gear collapsed after landing at KFARGeoffSM1 2018-02-12 18:25:2026 Jan: 2 aircraft collided at Fort Collins/Loveland airport (KFNL CTAF).GeoffSM1 2018-02-12 14:37:018 Feb: Learejet diverted from Teterboro due to nose gear problem GeoffSM1 2018-02-11 22:39:0410 Feb: A pedestrian on the runway at LAX aborts SWA 2494 takeofftappan 2018-02-10 23:29:369 Feb: Ryanair B738 returned to Bucharest. PAN-PAN due to possible tail strikeGeoffSM1 2018-02-09 22:06:1025 Jan: Loss of separation between Air Canada A320 and Westjet 737 near TorontoGeoffSM1 2018-02-09 21:09:429 Feb: BA-#213 PAN-PAN over Atlantic due to smoke in aircraft.GeoffSM1 2018-02-07 21:55:095 Feb: JetBlue 492 in Medical diversion to DenverGeoffSM1 2018-02-07 21:12:437 Feb: Southwest plane skids off taxiway at BaltimoreVictorAtienza94 2018-02-06 05:48:51DL87 Diversion to Iqaluitkitsaber691 2018-02-05 21:47:43Phila Eagles return to KPHL as Super Bowl Championscptbrw 2018-02-04 23:58:443/4 Feb: Frontier F91883 MCO to PHX diverted to Tampa due to fire in cabinGeoffSM1 2018-02-04 12:45:133 Feb: China Southern A330 flap system faulttigerheavy 2018-02-03 17:53:32There's a Boeing Coming Up Your Butt!lajim 2018-02-02 19:04:101 Feb: AA4623 Atlanta to Washington diverted to Charlotte - door open?GeoffSM1 2018-02-01 23:16:4430 Jan: Robinson rotorcraft crashed near KSNA. Three died. GeoffSM1 2018-01-31 22:51:3131 Jan: A series of go-arounds due to poor visibility at KSFOGeoffSM1 2018-01-30 23:30:0229 Jan: Sportcopter II, N767LW: crashed during takeoff from runway at KVNY.GeoffSM1 2018-01-30 21:34:5427 Jan: North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT), Clark County, NevadaGeoffSM1 2018-01-29 23:34:0422 Jan: Vans RV-12, N262WS in fatal accident in Bonita Springs, FloridaGeoffSM1 2018-01-27 23:06:4411 Jan: Cessna Skyhawk N738GE left runway on landing - damaged lightsGeoffSM1 2018-01-27 22:04:0727 Jan: Alaska flight 1098 returns to KSFO due to abnormal door indication GeoffSM1 2018-01-27 18:09:0427 Jan: Go arounds and a diversion at KSAN after Fedex has blown tyre on landingGeoffSM1 2018-01-27 18:09:0427 Jan: Go arounds and a diversion at KSAN after Fedex has blown tyre on landingGeoffSM1 2018-01-27 00:04:0626 Jan: American Airlines flight 1364 diverted to Jacksonville (threat level 1)GeoffSM1 2018-01-26 13:23:2626 Jan: Queensland police service Cessna 560 technical problemtigerheavy 2018-01-26 10:19:5024 Jan: QF566 medicaltigerheavy 2018-01-25 22:25:2424 Jan: Norwegian Air Shuttle #7042 diverted to Shannon after pilot has seizuresGeoffSM1 2018-01-25 00:16:3022 Jan: Singapore #SQ634 Traffic on runway go around instructionGeoffSM1 2018-01-22 18:55:49Re: 18 Jan: Delta 1594 Emergency Landing at LAXGeoffSM1 2018-01-20 22:01:4818 Jan: Cessna 180J (N180V). Aircraft scraped wing tip on runway at Santa FeGeoffSM1 2018-01-20 06:40:2318 Jan: Delta 1594 Emergency Landing at LAXlajim 2018-01-19 23:29:0918 Jan: Tukan Trike N907T crashed on landing at KEIK GeoffSM1 2018-01-18 23:07:4917 Jan: Mesa CRJ9 near Dallas; smoke in cockpit leads to emergency landingGeoffSM1 2018-01-17 21:31:0225 Dec: Skywest #3567 received terrain warning on approach to Medford AirportGeoffSM1 2018-01-17 20:43:5817 Jan: Smoke indication causes Envoy E145 to return to ToledoGeoffSM1 2018-01-16 22:23:0615 SBI Clerk Prelims Result 2021 Out-Today Clerk Results link Check Ethiopian #ET501 returns to KIAD with hydraulic system issue.GeoffSM1 2018-01-15 00:14:0814 Jan: Flybe Dash 8-400 at Knock diverts to Belfast due to flaps issue.GeoffSM1 2018-01-13 23:57:5613 Jan: Delta #420 and Delta #451 with issues at JFK - etcGeoffSM1 2018-01-13 12:20:48Evergreen pilot makes light of double read back errortigerheavy 2018-01-12 05:28:07Redwoods axed at JFKkitsaber691 2018-01-11 21:28:49Re: 2 Jan: Cessna Turbo Centurion gear issue on landing at Aurora State AirportGeoffSM1 2018-01-11 21:28:49Re: 2 Jan: Cessna Turbo Centurion gear issue on landing at Aurora State AirportGeoffSM1 2018-01-11 20:36:51Re: Aeromexico Go-Around at KSFO Jan 9 after nearly landing on wrong runwayGeoffSM1 2018-01-11 16:52:53Re: 10 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gearVictorAtienza94 2018-01-11 16:17:31Aeromexico Go-Around KSFO Jan 9RTWright 2018-01-11 15:06:27Re: 10 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gearGeoffSM1 2018-01-11 11:18:20Re: 10 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gearGeoffSM1 2018-01-10 22:54:3010 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gearGeoffSM1 2018-01-10 04:23:49YYZ Ground Miscellanykitsaber691 2018-01-09 21:41:368 Jan: Air Canada Rouge #AC1823 declared PAN PAN just after departure from CYYZGeoffSM1 2018-01-09 21:41:368 Jan: Air Canada Rouge #AC1823 declared PAN PAN just after departure from CYYZGeoffSM1 2018-01-08 22:17:14180 On Active RunwayAirKevin 2018-01-08 05:19:405 Jan: Westjet 2425 MAYDAYkitsaber691 2018-01-07 20:05:565 Jan: Severe weather issues at Boston (including a near runway incursion)GeoffSM1 2018-01-06 21:48:086 Jan: Lufthansa LH400 to JFK returned to Frankfurt from west of IrelandGeoffSM1 2018-01-06 04:49:01SKW5296 KSFOFryy 2018-01-05 23:43:472 Jan: Cessna Turbo Centurion gear issue on landing at Aurora State AirportGeoffSM1 2018-01-05 22:52:3919 Oct: Near runway incursion at KOMA?GeoffSM1 2018-01-05 22:18:115 Jan: Lufthansa #LH1317 diverts to Nice with medical emergencyGeoffSM1 2018-01-04 07:15:44Re: DAL284 KATL Double Category Archives: Graphics 2018-01-03 23:27:501 Jan: Emergency-landing-hector-international-airportGeoffSM1 2018-01-03 07:09:42Rose Bowl B-2 Flyoverlajim 2018-01-02 14:37:36Jan 2: Black Cat at JFK ;)wiedehopf 2017-12-31 20:37:0131 Dec - AAL1609 No Flaps, No Slats Landing at JFK 1845Zwiedehopf 2017-12-30 22:44:4829 Dec: Mostly heavy snow related Tower communications at TorontoGeoffSM1 2017-12-29 18:53:56RUAF aircraft AWACS from HFwwaaggyy 2017-12-28 22:22:2528 Dec: Delta Connection #DL4668 in Emergency diversion to MilwaukeeGeoffSM1 2017-12-28 22:02:47Re: 28 Dec:Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to L. Angeles Mayday diversion to Shannon GeoffSM1 2017-12-28 21:15:1928 Dec:Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to L. Angeles Mayday diversion to Shannon GeoffSM1 2017-12-28 00:06:1927 Dec: Air France #66 arrives at KLAX with engine #2 shut down GeoffSM1 2017-12-27 13:49:25Re: 25 Dec: JetBlue Airbus skidded off icy taxiway after landng at BostonGeoffSM1 2017-12-26 23:39:5925 Dec: JetBlue Airbus skidded off icy taxiway after landng at BostonGeoffSM1 2017-12-26 00:20:5925 Dec - CYHZ Halifax Porter 471 slightly windywiedehopf 2017-12-25 23:52:5025 Dec: Westjet #3511 Toromto - London (YXU) returned to TorontoGeoffSM1 2017-12-25 18:10:50AAL1200_KSMFFryy 2017-12-24 22:37:1424 Dec: Delta #1070 had to return to Atlanta todayGeoffSM1 2017-12-24 00:28:2123 Dec: Delta #DL73 - Medical emergency diversion to GanderGeoffSM1 2017-12-23 22:46:3518 Dec: Aeroflot #122 Low altitude alert at KJFKGeoffSM1 2017-12-23 16:23:4023 Dec: China Eastern #MU506 with radio problem at Hong KongGeoffSM1 2017-12-22 22:56:3420 Dec: United Express #UA4798 emergency return to Huntsville - smell of fuelGeoffSM1 2017-12-22 22:56:3420 Dec: United Express #UA4798 emergency return to Huntsville - smell of fuelGeoffSM1 2017-12-21 22:32:0421 Dec: Singapore Cargo flight arriving at KJFK on diversion earlier todayGeoffSM1 2017-12-20 23:50:3519 Dec: main topic is American B757-200 over Atlantic engine shut down in flightGeoffSM1 2017-12-20 21:53:0320 Dec: Condor #2162 Frankfurt to Montego Bay diverted to Paris OrlyGeoffSM1 2017-12-20 Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download 14 DEC Emirates 413a PAN callGeoffSM1 2017-12-20 00:22:05Re: 14 DEC Emirates 413a PAN callGeoffSM1 2017-12-16 22:41:3215 Dec: Toronto - Main topic is Air Canada #1039 - Bird strike on takeoff. GeoffSM1 2017-12-16 00:03:4714 DEC Emirates 413a PAN calltigerheavy 2017-12-14 23:36:1529 Nov: Delta Air Lines flight 2196 nearly landed on occupied taxiwayGeoffSM1 2017-12-14 22:34:524 Dec: Emirates A380 Low Altitude Alert at KJFKflyflyfly 2017-12-14 06:23:069 Dec: AC56 Diversion to Shannonkitsaber691 2017-12-12 23:12:095 Dec: More from the KFPR archive (includes a near midair collision)GeoffSM1 2017-12-12 21:58:0430 Nov: Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta, N47WH, Accident at KTRK (Truckee)GeoffSM1 2017-12-12 19:52:545 Dec: Robinson Helicopter R44, N99RW, accident at Fort Pierce, FloridaGeoffSM1 2017-12-12 06:17:24Re: 8 Dec: Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine FailureFryy 2017-12-09 23:18:30Re: December 8th - Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failure (edit)GeoffSM1 2017-12-09 04:48:312 Dec: DL453 diverts to BIL for a pit stopkitsaber691 2017-12-08 23:33:186 Dec:Bonanza, N679EA, fatal accident near Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS)GeoffSM1 2017-12-08 18:12:508 Dec: Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failurewiedehopf 2017-12-08 18:12:508 Dec: Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failurewiedehopf 2017-12-08 04:51:076 Dec: F-HJPE Flies Home!kitsaber691 2017-12-06 14:26:06Re: Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download Aborted At JFK After Another Plane Almost Lands On Wrong Runwayswawkbox 2017-12-06 14:26:06Re: Takeoff Aborted At JFK After Another Plane Almost Lands On Wrong Runwayswawkbox 2017-12-06 14:26:06Re: Takeoff Aborted At JFK After Another Plane Almost Lands On Wrong Runwayswawkbox 2017-12-05 22:57:343 Dec: Cessna 152N714TD, Regal Air Flight School: Paine Field (KPAE)GeoffSM1 2017-12-05 21:41:194 Dec: Sonex Aircraft Onex, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, N104SY in Parkersburg, Wood County, West VirginiaGeoffSM1 2017-12-05 16:56:5229 Nov: McDonnell Douglas MD-11F, N986AR, Centurion Cargo at Sacramento MatherGeoffSM1 2017-12-01 Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download Nov: Cessna C172 N52492 crashes into a house after takeoff at RHVVictorAtienza94 2017-12-01 14:51:27Re: From various Australian feedsGeoffSM1 2017-11-30 16:17:02From various Australian feedsGeoffSM1 2017-11-30 15:15:5027 Nov: N300SX SWEARINGEN SX300 Force landed at Denton. TexasGeoffSM1 2017-11-28 06:28:5227 Nov: Virgin and EgyptAir clipped wings at KJFKkitsaber691 2017-11-27 23:23:36Re: 25Nov returnt to airport after takeoff due to gear problemGeoffSM1 2017-11-26 05:16:21Re: 25 Nov: Delta 436 Compressor Stall / Engine Failure departing JFKkitsaber691 2017-11-25 23:53:1325 Nov: Delta 436 Compressor Stall / Engine Failure departing JFKwiedehopf 2017-11-25 23:53:1325 Nov: Delta 436 Compressor Stall / Engine Failure departing JFKwiedehopf 2017-11-25 07:37:5021 Nov: AZ631 Reported Fuel Contaminationkitsaber691 2017-11-25 00:10:2324 Nov: Civil Air Patrol Cessna Skylane out of Houston declares an emergencyGeoffSM1 2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they saidABDLman 2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they saidABDLman 2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they saidABDLman 2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they saidABDLman 2017-11-23 22:11:5621 Nov: Cessna 152 #N6097M with radio problem at Miami (TMB)GeoffSM1 2017-11-23 21:07:4623 Nov: Cessna #N5525P arriving at Las Vegas Henderson Exec with radio faultGeoffSM1 2017-11-22 22:44:3822 Nov: From the KCNO and KLGB archived feedsGeoffSM1 2017-11-22 03:20:0820 Nov: AC342 Diversion to YYCkitsaber691 2017-11-21 20:22:5820 Nov: KLM #KL598 from Capetown to Amsterdam cargo fire warning diversionGeoffSM1 2017-11-19 23:33:0118 Nov: Spillage (possibly hydraulic fluid) from unidentified aircraft at KJFKGeoffSM1 2017-11-18 22:31:3516 Nov: Southwest #5902 KLAX to Nashville diverted to PhoenixGeoffSM1 2017-11-17 04:05:3116 Nov: UAL906 Captain Retiringkitsaber691 2017-11-16 22:05:2016 Nov: Spirit Airlines #NK484 Dallas to Philadelphia diverted to MemphisGeoffSM1 2017-11-16 00:01:29Re: 13 Nov: Delta #45 (EIDW to KJFK) diverted to St Johns with a mechanical issueGeoffSM1 2017-11-15 19:58:0813 Nov: Delta #45 (EIDW to KJFK) diverted to St Johns with a mechanical issueGeoffSM1 2017-11-13 22:51:2112 Nov: Passenger taken ill on Jet2 flight pronounced dead at Cork airportGeoffSM1 2017-11-13 20:31:5713 Nov: Medical emergency return to Seattle (KSEA) for United flight 484GeoffSM1 2017-11-12 21:15:219 Nov: Technical issue for an aircraft at Brisbane AirportGeoffSM1 2017-11-12 19:21:32More from the Brisbane archives relating to the recent SIDs and STARs changes GeoffSM1 2017-11-10 22:11:3410 Nov: Delta #D2795 from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City - bird strike GeoffSM1 2017-11-09 05:46:437 Nov: HAL8075 Engine Firekitsaber691 2017-11-08 05:57:20United 747 Last Flight SFO/HNLSQK7700 2017-11-07 00:14:45Re: 5 Nov: Delta B712 near Rochester (NY) - landing at Buffalo GeoffSM1 2017-11-06 23:41:215 Nov: Delta B712 near Rochester (NY) - loss of cabin pressureGeoffSM1 2017-11-05 21:25:325 Nov: UA153 diverted to Detroit after encountering severe turbulenceGeoffSM1 2017-11-04 22:52:084 Nov: Air France A388 heading for Mexico City diverted to Shannon GeoffSM1 2017-11-04 14:50:0431 Oct: Piper PA-28, N613FT off runway at KMLB Melbourne International Airport GeoffSM1 2017-11-02 22:40:5529 Oct: Prague (LKPR) thunderstorm. Shamrock 64H receives a lightning strikeGeoffSM1 2017-10-31 21:15:4130 Oct: Medical emergency diversion to PhoenixGeoffSM1 2017-10-31 20:30:1931 Oct: KLM #KL934 returned to Dublin due to a technical issueGeoffSM1 2017-10-29 22:41:4624 Oct: Mesa Airlines CRJ9 returns to Birmingham (AL) with smoke in cabinGeoffSM1 2017-10-28 22:25:5428 Oct: Air Canada (AC858 Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download Toronto to LHR) diverted to HalifaxGeoffSM1 2017-10-27 21:29:1627 Oct: Delta DL70 diverted to Goose Bay due to engine #2 issue over AtlanticGeoffSM1 2017-10-27 12:48:4620 Oct: Stressful session for San Carlos airport Tower controllerGeoffSM1 2017-10-27 03:22:4226 Oct: AA91 Diversion to Shannonkitsaber691 2017-10-26 22:26:1720 Oct: Cirrus SR22T, Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download, N3636E: Accident occurred at San Carlos AirportGeoffSM1 2017-10-25 13:31:27Re: FAA probes second Air Canada emergency landing at San Francisco airportswawkbox 2017-10-24 19:08:0723 Oct: Hickory, NC airport hit with high winds, possible tornadoswawkbox 2017-10-24 07:17:3322 Oct: Air Canada radio issue while landing at SFOsumdog747 2017-10-22 20:55:4421 Oct: Qantas flight to San Fransisco returned to Sydney due to autopilot faultGeoffSM1 2017-10-21 23:15:10Re: 20 Oct: Lingus A332 at Dublin - runway excursion during line up for takeoffGeoffSM1 2017-10-21 22:39:4520 Oct: Lingus A332 at Dublin - runway excursion during line up for takeoffGeoffSM1 2017-10-21 04:24:31Re: 19 Oct: SouthWest flight from Chicago to Phoenix diverted to Omahakitsaber691 2017-10-20 20:40:0419 Oct: SouthWest flight from Chicago to Phoenix diverted to OmahaGeoffSM1 2017-10-20 12:42:16Virgin Australia 737 declares PAN after bird striketigerheavy 2017-10-19 21:00:5319 Oct: ASL Airlines flight from Timisoara to Katowice emergencyGeoffSM1 2017-10-19 18:51:3518 Oct: Cessna 402B, N900CR, force landed on a street and struck two vehiclesGeoffSM1 2017-10-19 02:43:2117 Oct: Air Transat 189 MAYDAYkitsaber691 2017-10-17 20:22:5415 Oct: Air Berlin 7001: final Miami departureflyflyfly 2017-10-16 23:02:5516 Oct: Storm Ophelia affecting operations at Dublin earlier today.GeoffSM1 2017-10-16 18:24:00Re: JFK Approach CAMRN now on 118.4?wiedehopf 2017-10-15 21:29:0014 Oct: VIR44B medical diversion to YYZkitsaber691 2017-10-15 19:44:3113 Oct: Etihad B773, cargo smoke indication leads to diversion to AdelaideGeoffSM1 2017-10-14 22:40:47Re: Kennedy Steve Audiokitsaber691 2017-10-14 22:37:2812 Oct: Tornado at Aurora State Airport (KUAO) damages planesGeoffSM1 2017-10-14 22:35:2612 Oct: DLH431 diversion to YHZkitsaber691 2017-10-13 20:41:538 Oct: Increased bird activity at Shannon (EINN)GeoffSM1 2017-10-13 20:21:5012 Oct: SkyWest 5932 returns to GateGeoffSM1 2017-10-13 04:48:0411 Oct: Ethiopian Airlines ET500 diversion to YHZkitsaber691 2017-10-11 21:20:3110 Oct: Emirates EK49 Dubai - Munich diverted to Kuwait due to death of child GeoffSM1 2017-10-11 04:20:49AC859 Diversion to Goose Baykitsaber691 2017-10-10 21:33:515 Oct: Go around at Camarillo (KCMA) due to separation issueGeoffSM1 2017-10-10 21:09:315 Oct: Ultralight America Spitfire II, N2918A, at Camarillo Airport (KCMA)GeoffSM1 2017-10-07 16:02:186 Oct: Thomson 093 Cancun to London Gatwick - double diversionGeoffSM1 2017-10-06 19:43:464 Oct: Fatal accident occurred near Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM)GeoffSM1 2017-10-05 18:53:39Re: 4 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at PhoenixGeoffSM1 2017-10-05 04:29:51Re: Kennedy Steve Audiokitsaber691 2017-10-05 01:28:05DAL1057 Engine Fire at KLAS 090617cptbrw 2017-10-04 22:57:054 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at PhoenixGeoffSM1 2017-10-04 22:57:054 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at PhoenixGeoffSM1 2017-10-04 22:57:054 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at PhoenixGeoffSM1 2017-10-03 05:20:30Re: Kennedy Steve Audiokitsaber691 2017-10-03 03:53:37Re: 30 Sep: Air France A380 engine desintegrates over the Atlantickitsaber691 2017-10-02 23:01:171 Oct: Beech V35B Bonanza N6KG - Runway excursion at KASHGeoffSM1 2017-10-02 16:13:31Re: 02 Oct: KLAS active shooter - Aircraft diversions on the Approach frequencyGeoffSM1 2017-10-02 06:32:4302 Oct: KLAS active shooterepsalon 2017-09-30 21:22:0628 Sep: Cessna R182, N1724R involved in hard landing at KPRCGeoffSM1 2017-09-30 20:38:53Re: 30 Sep: Air France A380 engine desintegrates over the AtlanticVictorAtienza94 2017-09-30 19:57:5928 Sep: Delta Airlines MD88 in bird strike on approach to NewarkGeoffSM1 2017-09-30 16:18:1129 Sep: Miscellany from KRDM App/Dep (ZSE05/46) feedGeoffSM1 2017-09-28 21:45:4528 Sep: Spirit 1132 medical diversion to Atlantic CityGeoffSM1 2017-09-28 13:22:3826 Sep: AA624 from Seattle to Charlotte in medical diversion to St LouisGeoffSM1 2017-09-27 21:58:2425 Sep: Allegiant KLAS to KFAT Flight AAY514. Smoke in cabin after landing.GeoffSM1 2017-09-25 21:34:5323 Sep: Learjet 45 bird strike on departure from KPWA, OklahomaGeoffSM1 2017-09-25 20:33:5424 Sep: Helicopter incident at Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (KSBA)GeoffSM1 2017-09-23 21:53:3319 Sep: Cathay Pacific A333 near Adelaide engine failureGeoffSM1 2017-09-23 01:52:23Re: 20 Sep: BA 2167 London to Tampa medical diversion to Halifaxkitsaber691 2017-09-22 18:42:1720 Sep: BA 2167 London to Tampa medical diversion to HalifaxGeoffSM1 2017-09-16 02:47:2115 Sep: Thomas Cook 2617 medical emergencykitsaber691 2017-09-16 02:28:06Kennedy Steve Audiokitsaber691 2017-09-16 02:28:06Kennedy Steve Audiokitsaber691 2017-09-15 22:54:3213 Sep: AA 719 medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikesGeoffSM1 2017-09-15 22:54:3213 Sep: AA 719 medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikesGeoffSM1 2017-09-15 22:54:3213 Sep: AA 719 medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikesGeoffSM1 2017-09-14 19:35:2614 Sep: United Airlines Flight 152 arriving at Dublin with medical emergency.GeoffSM1 2017-09-13 21:14:31tailwind limit?wiedehopf 2017-09-13 04:58:30Re: Beech Bonanza N9798L KOGD Crashahaws28 2017-09-12 20:26:51Beech Bonanza N9798L KOGD Crashstan1541 2017-09-07 22:25:327 Sep: Etihad Airways encounters severe turbulence after departure from PerthGeoffSM1 2017-09-06 22:25:2820 Aug: Fatal accident near Sion Airport (LSGS), SwitzerlandGeoffSM1 2017-09-05 21:59:325 Aug:MAYDAY at Stockholm (Sweden) - Flight 2N251GeoffSM1 2017-09-04 22:06:5931 Aug: Lingus A333 returns to Dublin with hydraulic failureGeoffSM1 2017-08-24 23:19:28Re: KCPR Tower asking an aircraft in the air if its getting dark during the eclipse GeoffSM1 2017-08-24 23:07:4023 Aug: Norwegian B738 returns to Dublin due to APU problemGeoffSM1 2017-08-20 13:57:35DL64 Rejected Takeoff in Atlantachumphreys 2017-08-20 12:56:21Evergreen 747 with cargo problemtigerheavy 2017-08-18 19:14:09June-12-2017: Cessna N13306 off-airport landingdave 2017-08-17 00:53:17KJFK - 081517 - DAL2503 strikes AAL290cptbrw 2017-08-13 00:13:09Trouper One Down in Charlottesvillegillmores 2017-08-09 23:13:018 Aug: United 987Heavy arriving at Newark with shattered pilot windshieldGeoffSM1 2017-08-09 21:22:53ROU1871 control and instruments problem at MCO last year 2016-10-27oktalist 2017-08-09 07:58:31Re: AA-759 August 5th 2017 (Was anyone able to find anything on Center???)ChrisBauer 2017-08-08 22:40:058 Aug: Radio issue for Piper PA28-236 approaching Williamsport (KIPT)GeoffSM1 2017-08-08 08:14:16AA-759 August 5th 2017 (Was anyone able to find anything on Center???)ChrisBauer 2017-07-27 16:29:21Beech Bonanza N60WB Fatal Crash at Ogden Hinckley Airport (KOGD) 7/26/2017ahaws28 2017-07-27 16:26:1026 July: Fatal accident occurred near Ogden-Hinckley Airport (KOGD)GeoffSM1 2017-07-25 22:56:0824 July: Mooney M20K landed at KHWD and gear collapsed.GeoffSM1 2017-07-25 21:18:3724 July: Delta Flight 1756 had to return to KMSP because of radio problemGeoffSM1 2017-07-23 22:57:1023 July: United 898T returns to KIAH due to violent passenger.GeoffSM1 2017-07-23 18:54:1523 July: EasyJet Airbus A319-111 issue with landing gear at PragueGeoffSM1 2017-07-21 22:21:3920 July: United B763 diversion to Shannon - engine shut down in flightGeoffSM1 2017-07-20 01:52:4019 July: Cessna N2608X makes an off-airport landing near Brookhaven (KHWV)ThatOneRoadie 2017-07-19 22:25:0416 July: Cessna landed with nose gear retracted at Napa CaliforniaGeoffSM1 2017-07-18 19:58:46Lancair Evolution Crash KFFZkmayes314 2017-07-18 19:49:1716 July: Air France diversion after Aeromexico B738 rejected take off at MMMX GeoffSM1 2017-07-18 18:24:19ELT Report: "Looks like it was me, I just hit this little button and it stopped!resistance2fly 2017-07-16 22:59:3515 July: Marking the arrival of a brand new LOT Dreamliner at WarsawGeoffSM1 2017-07-16 21:37:0916 July: WN5161 from Dallas to Lubbock diverts due to hazardous weather.GeoffSM1 2017-07-14 23:01:1614 July: Pilot dies in small plane crash on Home Workouts Personal Trainer 2021 v3.530 Crack Free Full Version Download Monte runway.GeoffSM1 2017-07-14 20:26:0111 July: Light plane reportedly collides with drone near Parafield Airport (AUS)GeoffSM1 2017-07-12 23:50:46Qantas 403 concerned about Hot Air Balloons tigerheavy 2017-07-11 03:25:557 July - KSFO AC759, Lined up for Taxiway Charlie, Go-Aroundtrek604 2017-07-11 00:15:33British Airways 747-400 with starter motor problemtigerheavy 2017-07-09 21:32:2223 June: Accident: Delta A321 at Atlantatail strike on landingGeoffSM1 2017-07-07 22:00:117 July: Cessna 172D Skyhawk, N2492U: Accident occurred at Cape Coral GeoffSM1 2017-07-07 13:47:294 July: Van's RV-6, N660PC, AJ Aviation LLC at Santa Fe Municipal Airport (KSAF)GeoffSM1 2017-07-06 19:31:59Interesting conversation between GA pilot and App Ctl over late arrival.rysium 2017-07-04 23:15:21Re: Go-Around on 7/2 @ SFOGeoffSM1 2017-07-04 22:51:26Re: Go-Around on 7/2 @ SFOGeoffSM1 2017-07-04 01:02:36Severe weather at KATL 2017-06-29oktalist 2017-07-03 00:33:34DEN SKW5869 fire while taxiingdatainmotion 2017-07-03 00:33:34DEN SKW5869 fire while taxiingdatainmotion 2017-07-02 22:55:031 July: Inaugural budget airline flight from Cork (Ireland) to USAGeoffSM1 2017-07-01 21:37:3920 June: Incidents at Toronto including Republic E175 runway incursion GeoffSM1 2017-06-30 23:15:2330 June: Cessna crash near John Wayne AirportGeoffSM1 2017-06-30 18:50:27Re: Plane Down on I405 - KSNAgillmores 2017-06-29 14:34:56BMS9247 engine failure after takeoffloplo 2017-06-25 23:01:3317 June: Cessna N254EK on takeoff, went off the runway and struck a lightGeoffSM1 2017-06-25 19:31:35DL1534 emergency landing at TRIjohnm1019 2017-06-24 22:31:52Re: Piper Warrior Down at KFMY - 24 June. Full audio.GeoffSM1 2017-06-22 17:08:50AA 730 CLT to London hold for 4 hours then return to CLT - mechanical airmaneric 2017-06-19 23:03:35Twin Cessna Unsafe Gear Indication - KSMFFryy 2017-06-17 22:06:2311 June:Norwegian B788 over Atlantic - engine shut down in flightGeoffSM1 2017-06-17 20:25:2717 June: Envoy E175 emergency diversion to Kansas City GeoffSM1 2017-06-13 23:25:36Re: WN 1914 From MDW Divert To ORDGeoffSM1 2017-06-12 23:23:42Re: 11 June: China Eastern A332 at Sydney - engine shut down in flightGeoffSM1 2017-06-12 15:54:2311 June: China Eastern A332 at Sydney - engine shut down in flightGeoffSM1 2017-06-12 11:20:42Light aircraft on wrong heading frustrates ATC tigerheavy 2017-06-12 10:59:14Engine cowling falls of Cathay Pacific 747 while landing at YMMLtigerheavy 2017-06-11 21:34:4111 June: Cessna 240 (N191FR) power loss issue during climb from KMFRGeoffSM1 2017-06-08 16:56:501 June: American B763 near Shannon - cabin pressure control issuesGeoffSM1 2017-06-07 20:46:326 June: American FL 1406 with radio problem at KJFKGeoffSM1 2017-06-07 20:07:41Re: 4 June:Titan T-51 Mustang, N51FB: landed short of Goodyear (KGYR) runwayGeoffSM1 2017-06-07 14:04:544 June:Titan T-51 Mustang, N51FB: landed short of Goodyear (KGYR) runwayGeoffSM1 2017-06-06 09:50:004 June: AutoGyro Cavalo near Spirit of St. Louis Airport (KSUS)GeoffSM1 2017-06-05 22:16:304 June: Piper PA-28-180, N4871L: Father and son killed in crashGeoffSM1 2017-06-05 13:23:23Air China 428 terrain alert at Hong Kongoktalist 2017-06-02 22:39:451 June: Bird strike and engine fire reported at KORDGeoffSM1 2017-06-02 18:45:0830 May: Three people killed in plane crash in South AustraliaGeoffSM1 2017-06-01 15:40:4824 May: Miscellany inc Reach 154 declaring PAN due to radio/navigation issue GeoffSM1 2017-06-01 12:07:5230 May: Alaska B738 near Kansas City, electrical burning odour in lavatoryGeoffSM1 2017-05-31 23:48:59Malaysia Airlines (MH128) bomb threat at YMML tigerheavy 2017-05-28 10:12:13Air Europa B788 cracked windshield departing MiamiVictorAtienza94 2017-05-27 20:59:22May 26: Delta A332 rt engine problem over Atlantic causes diversion to EINNGeoffSM1 2017-05-26 21:48:32United B752 at KEWR evacuation onto taxiway following reported engine fireGeoffSM1 2017-05-26 19:33:146 May: Cathay B777, Swiss A330 near miss with dronesafe-T 2017-05-22 20:54:3020 May: United Airlines Flight 1913 at KLAX. Possible fuel leak reported.GeoffSM1 2017-05-20 20:48:2813 May: Piper Comanche made gear up landing at Redding Municipal Airport (KRDD)GeoffSM1 2017-05-19 14:35:0818 May: Mesa E175 at Louisville, hydraulic failure, tyres burst on landingGeoffSM1 2017-05-16 22:43:43Re: 15 May: Fatal Learjet crash near Teterboro AirportGeoffSM1 2017-05-15 22:50:4515 May: Fatal Learjet crash near Teterboro AirportGeoffSM1 2017-05-15 19:53:1611 May: KSFO, United B772 rejected takeoff due to disagreeing airspeedsGeoffSM1 2017-05-14 21:36:1012 May: Austrian (OS65) medical diversion to ShannonGeoffSM1 2017-05-14 18:06:4912 May: Air Canada (AC349) medical emergency diversion to ShannonGeoffSM1 2017-05-13 21:50:06Re: What did he say?GeoffSM1 2017-05-12 12:03:04N20835 Myrtle Beach, SC - May 9 2017dave 2017-05-11 22:13:33Re: AAL2405 -- PAX Called 911 before they left MIA. either kidnapped or overdosedGeoffSM1 2017-05-10 16:10:07AAL2405 -- PAX Called 911 before they left MIA. either kidnapped or overdosedmajor22 2017-05-10 16:10:07AAL2405 -- PAX Called 911 before they left MIA. either kidnapped or overdosedmajor22 2017-05-08 22:47:388 May: Delta Airlines Airbus in medical diversion to Shannon.GeoffSM1 2017-05-08 13:01:16USN F-14 flyby over Melbourne Australiatigerheavy 2017-05-07 18:19:045 May: Helicopter crash near Santa Barbara injures 3GeoffSM1 2017-05-07 13:16:092 May: Southwest B737 lands at Kansas City with flaps problemGeoffSM1 2017-05-06 18:53:255 May: Cargo Carriers SH33 at Charleston, wing tip strike on landing 2 crew dieGeoffSM1 2017-05-05 21:43:3123 Apr: The World Heritage Air Museum's de Havilland DH115 Vampire damaged GeoffSM1 2017-05-04 21:33:1025 Apr: Bradley AT42 near Yellowknife (Canada NT) - fuel emergencyGeoffSM1 2017-05-01 22:24:321 May: Fire in cargo diversion for Skywest flight 2936GeoffSM1 2017-04-30 21:20:4625 Apr: Cessna went off end of Baltimore runway and struck the threshold lights GeoffSM1 2017-04-29 20:08:21Re: JetBlue 1056 JFK go around recording?GeoffSM1 2017-04-29 19:54:1219 Apr: Aircraft landing at Van Nuys KVNY ground looped and went into the field.GeoffSM1 2017-04-28 21:20:03Changes at Toronto lead to some confusion on 27 AprilGeoffSM1 2017-04-28 12:14:39Air Mauritius flight returns to Melbourne due to smoke indication. tigerheavy 2017-04-28 11:03:3320 April: Boise, Idaho: Cessna 172 blown nose tyre on hard landing GeoffSM1 2017-04-27 20:05:1124 April: Hard landing at Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS), MissouriGeoffSM1 2017-04-27 10:40:36British Airways 747 with hydraulic problemtigerheavy 2017-04-25 22:07:19LAX Twr Controller Scolds Jordanian Pilotnherring619 2017-04-25 01:45:04Qantas pilot makes PA to passengers on ATC frequencytigerheavy 2017-04-24 22:30:38American A321 at Las Vegas on 23 April: engine shut down in flightGeoffSM1 2017-04-24 20:30:26Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter makes emergency landing near OrlandoGeoffSM1 2017-04-24 13:16:58Diamond DA40 NG, 20 Apr nr KGYR - pilot's first solo ends in a field.GeoffSM1 2017-04-23 20:19:48Alitalia A320 at Amsterdam on 15 Apr rejected takeoff due to bird strikeGeoffSM1 2017-04-22 23:12:26Jet Airways B773 at Amsterdam on Apr 21st 2017, suspected tailstrikeGeoffSM1 2017-04-22 15:01:06Re: Surinam A340 returns to EHAM twice on 19 Apr due to flaps problem - 2nd goGeoffSM1 2017-04-21 10:31:27 Surinam A340 returns to Amsterdam twice on 19 Apr due to flaps problemGeoffSM1 2017-04-20 20:09:56American Eagle Embraer E145 runway incursion at Torontosafe-T 2017-04-18 22:35:37Re: Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 calls at Shannon en route to Chicago on 14/4oktalist 2017-04-17 16:15:30Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 calls at Shannon en route to Chicago on 14/4GeoffSM1 2017-04-15 21:27:33Missed approaches in poor visibility at Houston on 15 April GeoffSM1 2017-04-15 15:11:56AA B777-200 with engine issue at KMIA/Confused Cessna pilot helped by ATCGeoffSM1 2017-04-13 10:09:30Re: Was it Wake Turbulence ? JetBlue 2401 on Sunday April 9 from Buffalo to JFKChrisBauer 2017-04-12 13:31:16Ansett A320 crew query Air NZ 767 crew on non-functioning tail lighttigerheavy 2017-04-12 11:32:29FedEx Airbus A300-600, freight flight FX-2415 emergency return to KMKE AUTOCAD 2018 crack serial keygen 8/4GeoffSM1 2017-04-12 09:10:18DHL Aero Expreso / Problem with a horse in Cargo, Immediate return to KMIAChrisBauer 2017-04-11 22:43:52Beech A36TC (N755R) declares emergency during landing at Livermore on 10/4GeoffSM1 2017-04-10 21:24:24Southwest B737 at Baltimore on Mar 29, left main gear smoking a little bitGeoffSM1 2017-04-10 13:56:34
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