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Many communications programmes begin and end with raising awareness. But while we all know that two-way communication is essential for change. By Amy Roman, M.S., CCC-SLP Tablets As Communication Devices: A tablet can serve as excellent light-weight speech generating device. communication tool. Category. Posts. Tips for communicating casually In a traditional office environment, casual communication happens. Category Archives: Communication Tool

Communication Tools

This invitation has expired. If you would like to schedule a Live Demo, Category Archives: Communication Tool, send an email to


You are invited to spend an hour with Jamie Gyolai and Kale Sparling to get a glimpse of how Thrive can assist your operation in moving forward Category Archives: Communication Tool the lean journey.


Is your operation missing a centralized process, data, and reporting agent? Are your reports always outdated? Do you find yourself navigating through multiple network folders, scores of spreadsheets, and logging in to a handful of data sources to piece together your mission critical data? Then invest an hour in a Thrive demo…. you might just find a partner in your lean journey.

Join us on November 19 at a.m. (central) or November 20 at a.m, Category Archives: Communication Tool. (central) for a demo of Thrive. It is an easy way to see if Thrive could add value to your manufacturing operations (quality, safety, goal boards, CI event management, maintenance&#; all in one spot). The Thrive platform compliments your ERP, is mobile-friendly and is designed by shopfloor guys so it is user-friendly.

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by Ed Davis, CEO, Systems Support Group


Communications is the most critical form for human interaction, and is the basis for businesses to function effectively and successfully. Regarding the role of technology, communication takes on many forms and involves many different hardware and software options and solutions.

The first device that comes to all of us is the telephone.  All businesses have some type of phone system whether it is a hardwired system, cell or smart phones, or complete PBX system with many phones, sometimes spread over several locations.  Businesses need these devices in order to communicate with employees, customers and vendors.

There is a better way to communicate: Using the Cloud

In recent years, the function of the phone line and system has been moving to the cloud. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems allow companies to remove in house systems, giving them much more flexibility by taking advantage of features that most internal systems do not provide. VoIP is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet.

Internet Access: The Delivery System

Most businesses need secure Internet access as part of a critical communications tool.  Whether it&#;s email, social media or simple browsing for information, a reliable Internet connection is needed to communicate with employees, customers and vendors.

Maintaining communication channels is a priority for all businesses.  Having the ability to communicate anytime, anywhere allows companies to provide the highest level of service to their customers.  It is important that companies insure they have the highest quality, highest speed Internet connection to facilitate their multiple communications channels.


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The original intent of a performance assessment was sincere, inspiring, and productive, Category Archives: Communication Tool. Unfortunately, over the years, the Category Archives: Communication Tool assessment has singlehandedly become one of the most hated tools ever created! It is discouraging if not damaging for employees and is the bane of existence for most people managers.

As leaders, we must strive to implement tools and processes into our businesses that boost personal development, productivity, Category Archives: Communication Tool, and profitability rather than the opposite!

My Experience

I have seen many different versions of performance assessments over the years. Some were effective, some were not, and some were simply demoralizing!  I have seen some years where:


We have all heard of the &#;horsemen of the apocalypse&#; and the overwhelming devastation that they bring!

I recently attended a keynote by Wes Gay, marketing guru and regular contributor to Forbes, in which he painted a fairly scary picture of how our marketing communication looks to the general public, Category Archives: Communication Tool. He was suggesting that poor communication in marketing campaigns is equivalent to unleashing the &#;horsemen Category Archives: Communication Tool the apocalypse&#; on our businesses!

To his point, one does not have to look too far to find some massively destructive communication campaigns. Things like:

  1. Kenneth Cole and their Twitter message (in the midst of the Arab spring movement); &#;Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online.&#; This message was retracted but there was damage done!
  2. The Coke fiasco around New Coke and Classic Coke back in the &#;s. Did these new flavors mean that the old Coke was no good? This market communication fiasco was so monumental, we still talk about it today!
  3. How United Airlines responded by blaming the victim after social media showed smart phone video Octopus Archives of a passenger being violently dragged off a flight. The public was stunned by United&#;s response and their stock price was impacted immediately.
  4. The Adidas&#; tweet after the Boston Marathon &#;Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!&#; This was probably an innocent mistake and message was retracted quickly but not without brand damage.
  5. Dove airing a commercial that showed a black women turned white after using a Dove product. If you saw and understood the complete context of the advertisement it was probably fine. However, it was easily taken out of context and Dove was forced to pull the ad.

Wes Gay goes on to say there are four things that may seem innocuous at the time but can prove to be devasting to you and your organization. He calls these the 4 Horsemen of Marketing Communication

The 4 Horsemen of Marketing Communication

He defines the 4 Horsemen of Marketing Communication as:


The book review for this week is Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.

This is my pick for the business book of !

In Building a StoryBrand Miller lays out his blueprint for building a highly focused business brand that makes the customer the hero of their own story. If you are not positioning your customer to be a hero (or worse, you are trying to make yourself the hero), you are not setting up your business for success!

My takeaway from this book is the StoryBrand framework shown below:


This is not my typical weekly blog post! I am looking for some very specific feedback from you.

Category Archives: Communication Tool height="" src="" alt="">

Are there areas where you or your business need a little extra help to Category Archives: Communication Tool through to the next level of success?

Drive for Success

Most business leaders have an incredible drive to be successful and to make their business ventures successful. They are motivated to continually improve and grow as individuals and to transfer that growth and improvement to their business and their staff.

Not only do they want to provide for themselves and their family, Category Archives: Communication Tool, they want to build a thriving and growing business that offers a solid career for their staff and makes an impact in their communities and in the world.


However, there are times where leaders hit a wall or get stumped by problems that limit their business success. I have been a business executive for many years and I have experienced the highs and the lows of business. I know what it is like to be hit with issues Category Archives: Communication Tool limit business success so I can help!

I would like to know what problems you are facing so that I can enable you by providing relevant and helpful content and tools. Are you having issues with:


Last week I introduced my Ebook 12 Steps to Business Transformation and I defined Vision, the first of the 12 transformational TransMac 12.6 torrent Archives. This week we are going to talk about Mission.

Defining the Mission for your business is step 2 in my new free Ebook &#;12 Steps to Business Transformation.&#;

Where Vision is defined as a powerful picture of the future which creates an ideal and unique image of what your organization will become or achieve (the compelling reason WHY your business exists), the Mission defines exactly where you are going and what you are doing right now to attain the Vision.

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Communication tools

We are often asked to help organisations think through their internal communication function, Category Archives: Communication Tool. The question sooner or later gets back to the question of where they add the most value and whether it is enough to be a great writer or organiser.

I’ve said in a number of places what I think about the importance of craft skills.

Research that I did with Sue Dewhurst in the past highlighted the fact that whilst a good communicator needs certain basic skills, they are just that – basic. In order to have an impact, professional communicators need to do much more.

To illustrate this point I have developed the internal communication value chain.

IC value chain slide

The idea is quite simple. Whilst each individual step in the process is important, it is only when you have thought about the whole end-to-end value chain can you decide where best to focus your effort.

Given that most communication teams are actually quite small, there is little room for us to invest time, energy and resource in the things that don’t add value to the organisations which we serve.

It might be that although having the capacity to write is useful, the real value in your organisation might lie in supporting senior leaders or working with external communications.

Naturally, every organisation Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate crack serial keygen different. Where you add the most value will reflect your industry, your history, the maturity of the communication awareness of leaders or the issues which you face.

Part of the beauty of this model is that it does not rely on Category Archives: Communication Tool and cross referencing return on investment information (but don’t let me stop you!). You can make judgements about the potential areas of maximum value from your own experience and from conversations with internal stakeholders.

In time, as people develop reliable methodologies for understanding return on communication investment, this model may well be overtaken and replaced. However, I have found it useful as a way of thinking thing through the focus of communication teams.

Understanding audiences and providing intelligence

All communication begins with a deep understanding of the audience. A communication function need Category Archives: Communication Tool know not just who the audience is but also how its members think.

The relative importance to the communication effort will depend on factors such as:

  • Who else collects and collates audience data
  • The complexity of the workforce
  • The centrality of workforce attitude to the success of the organisation
  • The size and dispersion of the workforce
  • Whether the organisation is centralised or decentralised

For example in an organisation that is heavily dependent on the work of highly skilled people, providing strong audience insight might be more valuable than in a business that is driven by the need to explain complex rules and regulations to staff.

However, my default advice is that is almost always the most important value area for the IC team. Not only does it guide everything else in the team’s work it is one of the tickets that gets admission to senior management discussions. People who understand the audience get listened to.

Planning and co-ordination

Clearly we all have to be able to plan and no one likes waste.

And it can be surprising how much work has to go into things that would seem quite obvious; things like not swamping people with information, making sure that campaigns do not overlap inappropriately or just that requests for help actually make sense.

Interestingly this is one of the areas where an IC manager often has to make the toughest choices. Good planning and air traffic control are essential but they can make a disproportionate call fx sound enhancer FULL Archives your time. It’s very easy to spend your life in meetings, meetings that keep you away from talking with the audiences or just getting on with the real job.

Message clarity

Many of us do this intuitively – we have a natural instinct for the core message or it is quite plain. However, because it can be relatively low cost to develop a message that can be articulated and consistently promoted, we can underestimate the value that it brings.

Just remember how confusing is the background noise that flies around inside even the smallest organisations. A steady, consistent message, reinforced continually in multiple ways is essential. If people are to work together towards a shared purpose they need someone to insist on clarity and repetition.

Your organisation needs someone who says no to communication that generates confusion or obscures the essential goals which you are pushing towards.

Excellent tools and processes

If nothing works, if you can actually make communication happen, you are unlikely to add any value at all. It&#;s the foundation of what we do.

However we have to be careful not to aurora hdr looks Archives essential for total. Good tools, media, channels and practices are necessary but are rarely sufficient.

Evaluation and predictive data

One of my favourite sayings is Come with data, leave with respect.

When you walk into a boardroom everyone else is sitting there with a spreadsheet – Category Archives: Communication Tool can you hope to be taken seriously if you show up with nothing more than some nice collateral and a winning personality?

Without strong evaluation, how can you really know what is working? How do you listen to what is really happening rather than rely on your unreliable prejudices? How can you predict what will improve a situation? How can you steer leaders away from making disastrous decisions about communication?

Gathering great data need not be a massive challenge or highly expensive and if you are looking for inspiration you might want to check out the work of Angela Sinickas or Susan Walker.

But don’t neglect the process of presenting your data in a way that helped leaders take good decisions. The value of your research can be undermined if you fail to make the most of the reporting process.

As I have stressed, every team is different. Where you find value will depend on the needs of your organisation and a million and one Editors Archives - PC Product key factors.

However, you need periodically to sit down and ask the question of where you are making a real difference and where you are just treading water. And if you can’t see the value of what you do for your organisation it’s unlikely anyone else will.

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Message and Voice Category Archives: Communication Tool Roman On September 22,   /  AlphaCore for Easier Communication, Apps, Tablets, and Accessories, Message Banking, Category Archives: Communication Tool, Planning, Speech: Early Problems, Voice Banking  

Message and Voice Banking

Changes in your speech or loss of speech may occur with ALS. While there is no easy way to prepare for this prospect, Message Banking and Voice Banking are excellent options for preserving your unique sound and the identity it represents. Voice or Message Pax Nova Beyond the Rift - PLAZA will enable

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Home Alone: Med-Alert Systems

Amy Roman On December 16,   /  Accessing Computers, Tablets & Call Chimes, Caregivers, Communication Tips & Tools, Planning, Speech: Early Problems, Speech: Moderate Problems, Speech: Severe Problems Category Archives: Communication Tool

Home Alone: Med-Alert Systems

 Med-Alert Systems:  Important Features for People with ALS By: Amy Roman, MS, Category Archives: Communication Tool   Many people with ALS  require some type of alerting system to gain the attention of caregivers.  In my last article, Alerting Systems For The Home, I described various systems to alert a caregiver within the house when you have

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Tablets As Communication Devices

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Tablets As Communication Devices

By Amy Roman, M.S., CCC-SLP Tablets As Communication Devices: A tablet can serve as excellent light-weight speech generating device, Category Archives: Communication Tool.   Some models can even continue to meet the needs of people who experience a reduction in or the loss of hand function by providing alternative access options

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New Technology- Eye Tracking on Tablet

Amy Roman On January 13, Category Archives: Communication Tool,   /  Accessing Computers, Tablets & Call Chimes, Apps, Tablets, and Accessories, Communication Tips & Tools, Category Archives: Communication Tool, High Tech AAC, Speech: Moderate Problems, Speech: Severe Problems, Telephone, Texting, Email & IM, Uncategorized  

New Technology- Eye Tracking on Tablet

By:  Amy Roman, CCC-SLP   Last month I provided a webinar entitled “Keeping Tablets Accessible While Living with ALS”.  The webinar explored many ways to use a tablet (and computers) with limited or no hand movement.  I have received quite a few requests for the “Eye Tracking

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2 Ways to Make your iPad/iPhone Accessible (Video)

Amy Roman On November 19,   /  Accessing Computers, Tablets & Call Chimes, Apps, Tablets, and Accessories, Communication Tips & Tools, High Tech AAC, Telephone, Texting, Email & IM, Videos  

2 Ways to Make your iPad/iPhone Accessible (Video)

2 Ways to Make your iPad/iPhone Accessible By Amy Roman, MS, CCC-SLP.   More of my patients are using iPads and Androids as their speech generating devices.  Though Androids provide more options for maintaining access with hand weakness, the iPad does have some nice features.  This <

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ABC News Features Many Ways pALS Communicate

Amy Roman On September 24,   /  Accessing Computers, Tablets & Call Chimes, AlphaCore for Easier Communication, ALS Experts Blog, Apps, Tablets, and Accessories, High Tech AAC, Low Tech AAC, Speech: Moderate Problems, Speech: Severe Problems, Videos  

ABC News Features Many Ways pALS Communicate

 Video: This ABC news spot features a glimpse at many communication methods from eye tracking on a computer based speech generating device (SGD) to the use of a head mounted laser pointer to target words and letters on a paper communication poster.  You will see people who use a BoogieBoard (a light weight LCD writing

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Maintain Ability to Type, Swipe and Point

Amy Roman On July 7,   /  Accessing Computers, Tablets & Call Chimes, AlphaCore for Easier Communication, Apps, Tablets, and Accessories, Communication Tips & Tools, Low Tech AAC, Physical & Occupational Therapy  

Maintain Ability to Type, Swipe and Point

By Amy Roman, CCC-SLP The husband of one Category Archives: Communication Tool my patients invented this horizontal stylus about 12 years ago.  His wife could Omnisphere2 crack serial keygen longer isolate her index fingers for typing but she could still move her arms to type.  Her other fingers were getting in the way

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Don&#;t Sacrifice Comfort for Communication

Amy Roman On July 1,   /  Accessing Computers, Tablets & Call Chimes, Apps, Tablets, and Accessories, Communication Tips & Tools, High Tech AAC, Speech: Severe Problems, Uncategorized  

Don&#;t Sacrifice Comfort for Communication

By Amy Roman, SLP. One of the first things I suggest to pALS experiencing any neck, shoulder or arm weakness is to avoid laptops or touchscreens when possible.  Communicating all day with the full 10 lb. weight of your head thrust in front of your spine is

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Please visit the CUI blog: Controlled Unclassified Information for more information.

Established by Executive Orderthe Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) program standardizes the way the Executive branch handles unclassified information that requires Category Archives: Communication Tool or dissemination controls pursuant to and consistent with law, regulations, Category Archives: Communication Tool, and Government-wide policies. Learn About CUI


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