Advanced System Optimizer Review (2021): Is It A Good PC Cleaning Software?

System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

Real time solution for the PC cleaning from junk and performance optimization. Optimized workstation, Removed Junk files, Get fastest boot time machine in just. CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your PC. It protects your privacy and makes your computer faster and more secure! Download it FREE today. With Windows 11 on its way on October 5, it's best to make sure that your PC The best free PC optimizer available today is Iolo System. System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

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Top 5 Optimization Software for Windows PC

Avira System Speedup - The top Optimizer for Windows


Perform a quick clean-up for instant results or a detailed disk analysis and defragmentation.


Analyze, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, de-clutter and defrag your registry – quick or deep options.


Remove duplicates, zero-bytes and other clutter.


Real-time system monitoring alerts you when it’s time to clean.


Manage browser extensions, Edge home pages, search page and trusted sites.


Manage the items on richt-click menus.


Get rid of unwanted software, browser extensions and context menu items.


Make things even faster by scheduling automatic clean-ups.


Enhance your gaming experience.

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Simple cleaning when you need it, or fully automated PC maintenance?

System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5 See which version of CCleaner suits you:

CCleaner Free

CCleaner Free

Our standard version frees up space, clears your online tracks and helps you manage your machine so it runs faster.

  • Standard privacy protection

  • Standard cleaning

  • not included: Driver Updater

  • not included: Complete PC Health Check System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

  • not included: Software Updater

  • not included: Complete cleaning

  • not included: Keeps your browsing history private System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

  • not included: Detects and removes internet trackers

  • not included: Keeps you from running out of space System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

  • not included: Priority customer support

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional

Our best-ever version combines all the features of Free with the power of automation, so your PC always stays clean, safe and fast.

  • Standard privacy protection System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5

  • Standard cleaning

  • Complete PC Health Check

  • Updates apps to reduce security risks
  • Complete cleaning

  • Keeps your browsing history private

  • Detects and removes internet trackers

  • Keeps you from running out of space

  • Priority customer support

Buy Now

Was USD 0Now USD 29.95$29.95

35,000,000 GB
cleaned every month

CCleaner downloads

desktop installs per week

We asked Passmark, a third-party software testing specialist, to put CCleaner through its paces


The results showed that using CCleaner:

  • Recovers 4GB of space initially (and 34GB a year!)
  • Gives PCs 28% more free RAM
  • Makes PCs boot 53% faster
Passmark Software

Faster startup, better performance, and more room for what really matters

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5 Best Game Boosters And Optimizers For Windows PC In 2021: Free and Paid

Our top picks for best game booster for Windows 10, 8, 7  PC are Advanced System Optimizer 3 & WTFAstWant to know why? Navigate to Our Verdict section right away!


According to Gartner, “By 2022, up to 15% of all consumer PCs sold will be a gaming PC, with configurations catering to the specific needs of a PC gamer, up from 7% in 2017.”


The thrill of playing games on a Windows PC or a Laptop can certainly get ruined if it starts to lag. This is undoubtedly one of the most annoying situations that most PC gamers face pretty often!

That’s where powerful game optimization & boosting software shines. These effective Windows utilities tune up your PC in a way so that playing high-end games becomes more enjoyable instead of frustrating. So, let’s learn how these popular game boosting tools work & how beneficial they can be, for better gaming performance & experience!

TOP CHOICES (2021) – Best Game Boosters For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC (Compared)

Top Game Speed Boosters (2021)Major HighlightsWhat Makes It Unique From Others?Download Now
Advanced System Optimizer
  • Robust scanning engine. 
  • One-click cleaning & optimization. 
  • Thorough junk cleaning.
  • Tools to repair registry errors. 
Wide range of modules to clean, optimize, protect & speed up PC 


  • Effective Game Traffic Acceleration. 
  • Generate game reports. 
  • Custom Game System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5 available. 
  • GPN to chiefly optimize the game connection. 
Focuses on optimizing your Internet speed to reduce the ping
Razer Cortex 
  • Frees up invaluable memory & RAM. 
  • Quicker load time than ever. 
  • Comes with a Gamecaster feature.
  • Small useful features (not) related to game boosting.
Doesn’t merely boost your games, it boosts your entire system
Wise Game Booster 
  • Lightweight game boosting application
  • Add your favorite games to the ‘My Games’ section. 
  • End unnecessary programs in one click. 
  • Suggests important actions for game boosting. 
Compact yet effective UI with comprehensive features to improve gaming performance 

MSI Afterburner 
  • Overclocking tools to increase GPU. 
  • Supports video capturing. 
  • Dedicated Hardware Monitor. 
  • Easy to navigate interface. 
Gold standard of overclocking & performance boosting System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5 a single click  

Smart Game Booster 5
  • PC game recorder. 
  • Enables higher FPS.
  • Offers an Antivirus & Firewall. 
  • Dedicated gaming mode. 
Offers extra security perks in addition to game boosting capabilities

Game Fire 6 
  • Tweak system settings to speed up.
  • Effective Live optimization feature. 
  • Defragment hard drive.
  • Gaming performance accelerator. 
Forever free version available (with limited features)

GameBoost 3
  • Make changes to the registry to enhance memory. 
  • Complete fault tolerance system.
  • Deep system analyzer & diagnostic features. 
  • Advanced overclocking features. 
Uses proven technology which can double the Frames Per Second Rate

Mz Game Accelerator 
  • Great tool for old computers. 
  • Close any unnecessary processes. 
  • Cleans your RAM memory.  
  • Extremely easy-to-use interface. 
Video game accelerator mode that ensures top-notch performance 

Toolwiz GameBoost
  • Temporarily closes background processes.  
  • Safe System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5 secure to use. 
  • Give more CPU and RAM to your games.
  • 100% freeware, without any virus.
Quickly defragment game directories and files


Reviewing: Popular Windows Game Boosters For PC (2021)

Without further ado, let’s check out the Edraw Max torrent Archives of Top 10+ best Gaming Performance Booster Software!

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Wide range of modules to clean, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, optimize, protect & speed up PC

advanced system optimizer


A multipurpose optimization PC utility, Advanced System Optimizer is excellent software to keep your Windows PC or Laptop in good shape by cleaning unnecessary temp files & residues to maintain high performance continually. This PC optimizer for gaming is quite easy to use & ensures smooth functioning of your system after each scan. Its Game Optimizer module quickly lets users switch between the game and other tasks without degrading game performance. Once you turn on the Game Optimizer mode, it will let you run the game in sandbox mode without any distractions. 

Gaming Performance Increased By: 95%

Usability & Ease of Use: 97%

Consumption of System Resources: No battery drainage, Size of the app – 11.3 MB

LATEST VERSION: 3.9.3700.18392


PRICE: $ 49.95

TECH SUPPORT: [email protected]

  • Robust scanning engine. 
  • One-click cleaning & optimization. 
  • Tools to repair registry errors. 
  • Thorough Junk Cleaning.
  • Registry Cleaner.
  • Driver Updater.
  • The system and Security Advisor module is a bit outdated


  • Flawless navigation to have better control over UI. 
  • Lightweight & doesn’t occupy much RAM & Memory. 
  • Scanning engine has been improved for a faster experience. 

Read Review: Review: Advanced System Optimizer, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, The Fastest Cleaner & Optimizer! 

2. WTFAst

Focuses on optimizing your Internet speed to reduce the ping



Are you tired of frequent lags and high ping? If yes, then WTFAst is the perfect software to resolve all your issues. It’s a well-designed game boosting utility to optimize PC games in a few clicks. WTFAst stands apart from the rest top game optimizers, as it dedicatedly focuses on increasing the Internet speed for smooth gaming performance while playing online. It significantly reduces game lag and decreases ping that reduces slowdowns during online multiplayer sessions as well.

Gaming Performance Increased By: 95%

Usability & Ease of Use: 90%

Consumption of System Resources: Little battery drainage was noticed

Size of the app: 120 MB


SUPPORTED OS: Windows 10/8/7

PRICE: $ 99.90 (For 1 Computer Only)

TECH Adobe Illustrator 2021 v25.0.0.60 Crack Full Version Download [email protected]

  • Custom Game Support available. 
  • Remember the last game settings. 
  • Customizable settings available as per the gamer’s choice. 
  • GPN to chiefly optimize the game connection. 
  • Need to give credit card details to enjoy a free trial. 
  • No improvements have been made in the UI for a long time. 


  • Currently working on optimizations for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Peer to Peer Matchmaking game. 
  • Circulating helpful optimization tips related to their latest optimizations for games. 
  • Promises to destroy lags in online games. 
  • Have collaborated with Tech Titans (MSI & ASUS) to enhance the reliability of the utility. 

3. Razer Cortex

Doesn’t merely boost your games, it boosts your entire system

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is quite popular in the gaming community. The Free gaming performance booster software ensures the smoothest experience by shutting down all the applications that are not required while gaming. The entire focus of your system’s GPU, CPU, and RAM are channelized towards the game. With Razer, you get the option to auto-boost. This means, even if you open a game from Origin, Battlenet, or Steam, it will automatically initiate the boost from Cortex. 

Gaming Performance Increased By: 90%

Usability & Ease of Use:   90%

Consumption of System Resources:  Limited battery drainage

Size of the app = 237 MB



PRICE: Free 


  • Quicker load time than ever. 
  • Kills unnecessary occupied resources while you’re playing. 
  • Highly convenient & easy-to-use game booster for PC.  
  • Specific focus on gaming rigs.  


  • Better use of ML technology to enhance PUBG PC, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, Valorant & Fortnite gaming experience. 
  • Capability to customize FPS & smartly generate a set of optimized game settings. 
  • Instantly upgrade performance, even if the game is launched via Steam or other platforms. 

4. Wise Game Booster

Compact yet effective UI with comprehensive features to improve gaming performance 

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is another worth trying game optimization software known for its simple and easy-to-use features & interface. It increases the game stability by halting all the programs that are not required while playing. Instead, all the resources are used to boost the performance at its maximum level for the unbeatable gaming experience. After a quick scan, Wise Game Booster suggests what actions are required for each process and service. It’s one of the best game boosters for novice users.

Gaming Performance Increased By: 85%

Usability & Ease of Use:   93%

Consumption of System Resources: Doesn’t drain the battery

Size of the app: 3.64 MB




TECH SUPPORT: [email protected]

  • Lightweight game boosting application for Windows. 
  • Multilingual game optimization suite. 
  • Runs a dedicated forum for suggestions & feedback. 
  • Lack the ability to set resource thresholds. 
  • Doesn’t defrag the system. 


  • The new version provides some useful suggestions about daily PC operations. 
  • Added language support for Danish, Slovenian & Indonesian. 
  • Enjoy the improved display at 120 DPI. 
  • GUI & usability improvements. 
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when the interface stops responding while searching for local games.

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5. MSI Afterburner

Gold standard of overclocking & performance boosting

MSI Afterburner

Meet another considerable game booster software for Windows PC, MSI Afterburner. It’s a top-notch solution that offers overclocking options. Besides all the essential functions that every top game speed boosting tool provides, it lets users customize the fan speed, benchmark video record, and monitor. It offers full control over the GPU voltage and frequency. You can certainly modify the fan speed so that you can avail full potential of the installed graphic card. The PC optimizer for gaming also gives information on the usage, temperature, clock speed, and voltage.

Gaming Performance Increased By: 80%

Usability & Ease of Use:  85%

Consumption of System Resources: Limited battery drainage was noticed

Size of the app: 51.9 MB





  • Free to use game performance booster. 
  • Easy to navigate interface. 
  • Works great with not only MSI video cards but also the majority of GPUs. 
  • Pushing the GPU too hard can crack graphic visuals. 


  • Added the integrated One-click (OC) Scanner API support. 
  • Incorporated fan control 3.0 API support. 
  • Integrated NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture support as well. 
  • Capability to adjust clock/frequency curve stability testing functionality. 

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Best Paid & Free Game Booster For Windows PC (2021)

Q1. Do PC Game Boosters Work?

Yes, of course! Game Boosting Applications are just a shortcut to launch games while managing programs, processes, services that hamper overall performance.

Q2. How Can I Increase My PC Gaming Speed?

  • Run a dedicated game speed booster & optimizer.
  • Keep your graphics & video drivers.
  • Optimize in-game settings.
  • Reduce screen resolution.
  • Change graphics card settings.

Q3. Is It Better To Install Games On SSD Or HDD?

Installing games on SSD certainly reduces the load times, which occurs due to the data transfer speed Of SSDs, which is higher than that of HDDs. 

Must-Read” How To Fix SSD Not Showing Up On Windows 10 [SOLVED] 

Q4. How To Increase Computer’s FPS?

  • Enable Game Mode in Windows 10. 
  • Upgrade your graphics card. 
  • Find your monitor’s refresh rate. 
  • Optimize your game settings. 

Must-Read: How To Boost FPS (Frames Per Second) In Your Favorite PC Games?

OUR TAKE: Why Did We Choose This Game Booster Among The Glut?

According to us, the best game booster for Windows 10 PC is Advanced System Optimizer & the second close substitute to consider will be Razer Cortex.

Advanced System Optimizer not only serves as the best PC optimizer for gaming but also boosts system performance significantly. It can protect your system from malicious content, clean junk, and defragment the computer for smooth performance. In a nutshell, it is excellent software if you are looking for an overall PC optimization suite. 

However, if you are looking for a product that dedicatedly works for speeding up gaming performance, then Razer Cortex should be your clear choice. This popular game booster tool provides higher frames per second & smoother gaming performance by killing unnecessary apps running.


To conclude, if you need software that improves the overall performance of your computer (including seamless gaming experience), then go for Advanced System Optimizer. However, if you just want a game booster to play without any lags, then get Razer Cortex.

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What’s Included In ASO Package?

Let us move forward and know about each module that comes with this  PC Cleaning & Optimization software for Windows 10, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, 8, 7, and XP.

For Comprehensive System Cleaning, Optimization & Maintenance

Advanced System Optimizer is loaded with advanced  system cleaning tools that help free up wasted storage space.


Useful module to run a comprehensive set of scans:

Quick Scan= Clean junk files, caches, logs, temp files & other unwanted residuals to improve PC speed.

Deep Scan= run a comprehensive and in-depth scanning of the system including disk fragmentation, spyware and malware scanning which is not performed in Quick Scan.

Custom Scan = As the name explains, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, Custom scan allows users to select the modules for scanning and fixing all the critical errors.

Using Smart PC Care, you can repair the following:

  • Clean unwanted data and free up disk space.
  • Does hard disk defragmentation for optimized performance.
  • Scans & eliminate potential spyware and viruses.
  • Extracts and cleans hidden privacy-exposing traces.
  • Detects obsolete drivers. (You need to reboot to implement the changes)
  • Fixes invalid pro tools 2020.3 crack Archives entries.
  • Optimizes the fragments of Registry for enhanced performance. (Reboot required)


Smart PC Care



You might already be aware of the fact that Registry issues are the main culprit behind frequent computer and app crashes. Fortunately, Advanced System Optimizer’s Registry Cleaner and Registry Optimizer prevent common PC issues and enhance overall performance.




Registry Cleaner scans and repairs common Windows registry issues, that will prevent unwanted app crashes and other common PC errors.

Registry Cleaner

The module strategically fragments your Windows Registry, optimizes and reduces the size to achieve smoother performance.

Registry Optimizer

Note: Before eliminating invalid registry entries, ASO takes backup, so that you can easily restore everything if needed in the future.

Check This Out: 8 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7


Advanced System Optimizer comes with a dedicated module to clean and optimize disk, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, strategically clean junk files to boost PC speed, response, and load time.




The module checks for all the unwanted files & folders that are just wasting precious storage space and hogging memory unnecessarily. It even helps to check drives for useless temp files, specific missing file types and more.

system cleanerSystem Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5 height="501">

You can rely on this module to analyze the hard disk and discover how much storage space is available, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, how much is occupied, fragmented, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, or optimized.

Disk Optimizer

It’s a dedicated module that helps perform deep analysis to identify files and sectors that are creating issues. You can find the details about all the hard disk devices right here.

Advanced System Optimizer

Basically, this module states what percentage of space is occupied by each of the drives located on your system. Additionally, you can manage disk statistics using this module.

Advanced System Optimizer


Advanced System Optimizer is one of the Best PC Cleaning & Optimization for numerous reasons. It offers built-in utilities to optimize and maintain your system with ease. You can find several categories under the Windows Optimizers section to boost PC speed altogether.




The Game Optimizer module provides a private virtual desktop in which users can play games with maximum processing power, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, without any interruption.

Game Optimizer

Check This Out: 5 Best Game Booster and Optimizer for Windows 10, 8, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, 7 PC

With just a single click, the entire system’s cache can be managed using the Memory Optimizer module. Additionally, the feature helps free up unnecessary occupied RAM, so that your read/write speed can be improved, along with smoother performance.

Memory Optimizer

It helps in finding outdated, missing, damaged, corrupted, and incompatible device drivers in one place and you can update them all in a go. This ensures you are saved from encountering annoying BSOD errors and similar issues.

Driver Updater

Check This Out: 7 Best Driver Updater Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC [2021]

For Top-Notch System Security


System Security


Advanced System Optimizer is packed with an incredible set of privacy and protection tools that helps in identifying and removing threats like malware, trojan, spyware, and another virus. To tackle online/offline security vulnerabilities, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5, utilize this module.


Using this functionality, Advanced System Optimizer thoroughly runs a security scan in all the files/folders and potential storage space to look for hidden malicious threats and infections that can harm your PC.

Advanced System Optimizer

Check This Out: 12+ Best Computer Security Software for Windows

Avira System Speedup -
The top Optimizer for Windows

Don’t waste your time waiting for your computer to start up – our computer cleaning software for Windows gets your machine to start faster, often by more than 25%. Over time your Windows computer, laptop or tablet gets clogged with junk files, temporary data, bloatware and more useless data. Daily clutter, too many start-up items, and a corrupt registry slow down the system performance. Our free computer cleaner analyzes and cleans the system with smart PC cleaning tools.


Advantages using our PC optimizer

We have 30 years of experience in developing software that enhance the System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5 life of our users. Our security and clean-up tools Made in Germany protect your machine, increase your privacy and improve the overall performance. Your PC cleaner software advantages:


Faster and more stable for turbo performance

Our PC optimizer finds problems within your Windows installation and registry, shows where they are coming from, and enables you to reduce or prevent these issues in the future. Our Windows cleaning software cleans the clogged or corrupted registry to speed you up.


Often more than 25% faster start up

A long list of programs starting on boot slows start-up time and you have to wait. In many cases, most of these programs are not used all the time, and can just as easily be started when needed. Our free computer cleaning software monitors the list and speeds up the process through clever management, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5. The result: Your PC starts faster, often by more than 25%, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5. Our Startup Guard makes sure bitwig crack linux Archives the load time stays as short as possible.


PC cleaner: Free more disk space and get rid of unnecessary data

For best performance, your hard disk should never be completely full. Junk and temp files, internet junk, system cache and more data fill up your disk space. Get rid of all unwanted files and increase free space and performance.


Better privacy protection: Delete internet traces and temporary online data

Browsers save many data automatically to improve the user experience and, for example, load previously visited websites faster. You can tell your browser to delete the browser history and cookies, but they can’t delete everything themselves. Our Windows clean-up tool removes temporary data, hidden personal data, and online traces from every browser you use. Deleting hidden personal data increases your protection, as hackers cannot access them anymore.


PC cleaner: Download our Windows cleaning software for free

Get your Windows cleaner for free now and improve your machine. Avira Optimizer is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Download now! For a complete clean-up with even better performance and protection, check out the premium features of our Pro version.


Premium features in Avira Optimizer for Windows Pro

Avira Optimizer Pro offers more than fast optimization, System Optimizer | Pirate PC - Part 5. The Pro version of our PC optimizer is the most comprehensive PC tune-up package available. Your benefits:

  • Disk optimization with complete cleaning, deep analysis and access to ten further tools. OnWatch is a real-time cleaning tool that starts cleaning automatically when needed.
  • Performance optimization with deep registry analysis and nine further tools for system and performance optimization.
  • Power optimization with customizable configurations of power modes.
  • Automatic optimization lets you complete all cleaning and speed-improving tasks automatically.
  • Additionally, you can use the Backup and Restore Tools and contact our Customer Support by phone and email.
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