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1. Remove “Powered by WordPress” Using Theme Customizer · In WordPress's left-hand menu, select Appearance > Customize. · Select Footer > Bottom. [This thread is closed.] How do I remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” from footer? Note, this is a staging site currently. Thanks! Create a free website or build a blog with ease on Dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes. Free hosting and support.

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Edit Footer Copyright \

Remove &#;Proudly powered by WordPress&#;

This plugin removes the &#;Proudly powered by WordPress&#; for those who want to use the default theme for their website but don&#;t want everyone to know what they&#;ve used to build it. Content can then be added in its place with a new &#;Site Info&#; widget area on some themes.

This plugin works on all default WordPress themes including &#;

  • Twenty Twenty One (widget area not implemented as it&#;s not suitable)
  • Twenty Twenty (widget area not implemented as it&#;s not suitable)
  • Twenty Nineteen (widget area not implemented as it&#;s not suitable)
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • Twenty Fifteen
  • Twenty Fourteen
  • Twenty Thirteen
  • Twenty Twelve
  • Twenty Eleven
  • Twenty Ten

&#; and now includes the following additional themes Powered by WordPress theme and child themes (such as Blank Canvas)

  • Inspiro theme
  • Let us know if you want to add compatibility for your theme!

    Easily remove the WordPress credit on the default WordPress theme &#;

    1) Install Remove &#;Powered by WordPress&#; automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
    2) Activate the plugin through the “Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    3) Turn off the plugin by deactivating it or through &#;Theme Options&#; menu in the Theme Customizer.
    4) Optionally add content by dragging a widget (eg Text widget) into the new &#;Site Info&#; widget area (Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty not compatible with this feature)

    Plugin does exactly what it says it does, and does it well. Thank you!

    It works great. It would be nice to add more options to it

    And very fast to answer any question.

    Read all 11 reviews

    • Added compatibility for Inspiro theme

    • Removed all PHP short tags

    • Added compatibility for Seedlet theme and Blank Canvas child theme

    • Preparing for WordPress v

    • Update to live preview and child theme detection

    • Now compatible with Twenty Twenty One included with beta

    • Cleaned up compatible theme detection

    • Moved to use admin_url() function

    • Now compatible with Twenty Twenty included with beta
    • Bug fix

    • Removed the comma and added margin in Twenty Nineteen

    • Now compatible with Twenty Nineteen included with beta

    • Started work to make plugin compatible with new Twenty Nineteen theme

    • Added ability for plugin to work with default themes during a Live Preview
    • Merged split sentences into one translatable chunk

    • Remove separator from Twenty Sixteen theme

    • Support for the new Privacy Policy Page setting across all default WordPress themes
    • Bug fixes

    • Bug fix for Twenty Ten
    • Margin fix for several of the themes
    • Admin notice if wrong theme detected

    • Bug fix in case a child theme is being used

    • Moved the CSS into the WordPress Theme Customizer
    • Added a Widget Area to allow content insertion

    • Added a dismissible notice for those feeling generous.

    • First version of the plugin.
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    Footer Credit Options

    All users can choose among several options for the footer credit, from a minimalist logo to text options like “A Website” or “Website Powered by

    Table of contents

    To find these options, head to My Site(s) → Select the site you want to edit → Appearance → Customize Site Identity. In the Site Identity section, look for the Footer Credit menu. Choose the option you would like to use — the Customizer will let you preview how each one looks on your site — and select Save & Publish to make the update.

    Footer Credits Options

    ↑ Table of Contents ↑

    Business Plan Sites

    If your site is on our Business plan, you have the option to remove the footer credit altogether.

    ↑ Table of Contents ↑

    Other Plans

    Sites on any plan other than Business are required to keep the footer credit intact. On those sites, you may choose from one of the alternative wordings or the WordPress icon.

    Modifying the style of the footer text with custom CSS &#; i.e. colors and font size &#; is allowed as long as the credit stays readable.

    ↑ Table of Contents ↑

    Adding to the Credit

    If you have a Premium or Business plan, then you can also use custom CSS to add content like a copyright notice to the existing footer. If you would like to do that, you can ask in the CSS Customization forum and our staff or our community volunteers will be happy to help.

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    • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools
    • Automated site backups and one-click restore
    • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and Database Access
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    • Live Chat Support
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    • Install plugins and extend functionality for your site with access to more than 50, WordPress plugins
    • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools
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    • Free Domain for One Year
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    • Live Chat Support
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    • Install plugins and extend functionality for your site with access to more than 50, WordPress plugins
    • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools
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    How to remove proudly powered by WordPress in footer links

    Given the fact that you have just set up your first website and you want nothing more than to be sure that your website gets more traction online, it Powered by WordPress but natural for you to want your website to look as professional as possible.

    The reality is that any business website that features this footer link, may not be taken that seriously with the exception of established Powered by WordPress.

    There’s nothing wrong in displaying the footer link but if you are just starting out, then you would want to do all you can to remove the footer link. Powered by WordPress you have a personal website, then you can always opt to leave it on but when it comes to a professional website, then it would be a good idea to go ahead and remove the same at the earliest.

    Granted, Powered by WordPress, it’s all on account of perception but perception matters and more so where your professional business website is concerned. So, if you are wondering how to remove the proudly powered by WordPress in footer links from your website, then you may want to check out the two methods listed below. Both of these should be effective in getting the link deleted.

    Is it legal to remove the link?

    Since WordPress is free and licensed under GPL, you are well within your rights to go ahead and remove the link altogether from your website. It is perfectly legal to do so and you should not have any issues in doing so. What’s more, you can even edit it and redistribute it, and you would be well within your rights to do so, Powered by WordPress. What’s more, you can also edit the themes as you see fit.

    How to hide the WordPress footer message?

    There are actually more than two ways by which you can remove this footer link and we have listed the same below for your reference.

    Just follow the directions listed here and you should be able to remove the said footer link with ease, Powered by WordPress. Again, there’s nothing wrong in displaying the footer link ‘as it is’ on your website but for professional websites, it is always a good idea to bleep the same out, Powered by WordPress.

    And while Google frowns on this practice more than a few popular WordPress themes like twenty and Powered by WordPress have included the same, so you are bound to see the same displayed on your website when using the same. This is why you should want to check out the rest of our tutorial on how to edit the footer and on how to use your website sans one.

    The good news is that it is not that difficult to remove the footer link and you can even customize it and include your own message, including CTA which should serve to help boost the conversion rate on your website. On the whole, Powered by WordPress, the methods listed below are some of the Powered by WordPress ways by which you can remove the footer links.

    The first method:

    Head over to your theme settings and Powered by WordPress good theme authors usually make it easy for you to customize and tweak your theme and that includes editing and deleting your footer link. But keep in mind that some of the free themes come with limited functionality and this may not be possible to edit or delete the footer link in which case you can choose to hide the same.

    The first method is to use the customizer and to edit your theme, which you can do easily, Powered by WordPress. Also different themes have different setting options, Powered by WordPress, but they should usually list the option to customize your theme. Just head over to your WordPress customizer and look under appearance.

    Some of the themes make it possible for you to customize your footer links as well as disable all credit links too. In case, you are not using a premium theme and there are no easy links to tweak that footer link, then you can use the method listed below to edit the ‘powered by WordPress’ footer link. first thing that you need to do is to head over to the WordPress dashboard and login as admin. you have done that, all that’s left is to scroll over appearance and click on “customize”, Powered by WordPress. This should enable you to customize your theme as you see fit., you need to head over to the additional section of the CSS and add the codes listed below.

    .site-info{display:none;} you have added the same, you can PhotoPad Registration Code 2022 With Crack Download [Latest] your theme and your website should be displayed without the footer. But keep in mind that you have just managed to hide the “powered by WordPress” footer link and that you have not exactly removed it altogether.

    If you want to remove it altogether then you need to read the rest of the article and pay attention to the second method. This should help you remove the footer link entirely and your website should start looking professional all over again.

    Second method, the method:

    If your theme does not provide you with an easy option to edit your footer links, then you may well have to adopt this method to do so. Every theme comes Powered by WordPress a file, and this is the file that you need to locate and to download the same.

    You can find it in your root directory, just double click on the same to download and save it on your computer. Once you have done so, open up with the file with your text editor, search for the line with the “powered by.” and that’s the one that you would be required to edit out.

    <div class="site-info"> <span class="site-title"><a></a></span> <a href="#"></a> </div><!-- .site-info -->

    The above code contains the line that you need to delete and once you delete the “powered by.” line of code, you can remove the same by deleting out that particular line. Once you have done so, you can upload the file back to your admin, and reload the theme. It should work fine now, without that irksome “powered by WordPress” footer link.

    Please note that in some of the themes, the required file can be found listed as where as in case of twenty seven, the codes of which have been displayed above, you will need to check out the site Powered by WordPress which can be found listed as file, Powered by WordPress. This file should contain the footer code that you need to edit/ bleep out.

    Third method, customizing the footer link:

    Once you have removed the “powered by WordPress” footer link, you would naturally want to do one better and modify the message itself. It makes more sense since you can include a CTA in the footer link or add something else altogether that makes your website sound professional so as to get more traction online.

    You can check out the example listed below to add your own variant of customized message, Powered by WordPress. For example, Powered by WordPress, you can use the code below to edit the footer link and to add “your Powered by WordPress message”

    But remember that you need to create a child theme to include the following code in the file.

    “Copyright @ SKT Themes,” </div><!-- #content --> <footer id="colophon" class="site-footer" role="contentinfo"> <div class="wrap">[Your message goes here]

    How to Remove Powered By WordPress Link from Footer

    remove powered by wordpress from footer

    So, you’ve worked so hard to knock out an awesome WordPress Website. It’s beautiful, functions as it should – everything looks fine. Then, you noticed a text link right in the theme footer in WordPress which reads “Proudly Powered by WordPress by WordPress”, Powered by WordPress. In this guide, we will show you how to remove powered by WordPress link from the footer in WordPress.

    Well you love your WordPress site, and you would gladly admit that your site is WP based if someone asks, Powered by WordPress, but you likely do not want that WordPress credit plastered on your site.

    Thankfully, powered by WordPress credit link in the footer of your website can be removed. While this footer message won’t hurt your website in any way, it could make your website come across as unprofessional. If you run a business website, this link can make your business appear less credible.

    In this tutorial, you will learn the different techniques for removing WordPress footer credit.

    In Powered by WordPress article:

    Are there Legal Consequences if you Remove Powered By WordPress?

    The short answer is no.WordPress, being a free and open technology, Powered by WordPress, permits users to edit the code as they please. WordPress is backed up by GPL Powered by WordPress Public License) license. This license permits just about anybody to edit and redistribute WordPress.

    Additionally, Powered by WordPress, all themes from WordPress repository are also covered by GPL. So, removing the footer credit won’t get you in legal troubles.

    Now we have settled the legal part, let’s see how to remove this powered by WordPress text link from the footer of your website.

    How To Remove Powered By WordPress Footer Link

    It’s always a good idea to back up your website before editing the code to the core files. Things could go wrong when you least expect, and so having a backup is a wise thing to do. So, Powered by WordPress, before we proceed with this tutorial, create a backup of your website.

    There are a couple of ways to go about removing powered by WordPress footer link. For this tutorial, we would be considering two easy to use techniques.

    Technique #1: Customizing the website’s theme

    Most themes make room for removing powered by WordPress footer link. To do this, log into your admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Customize.

    Appearance >>Customize

    Now, the next step to removing WordPress footer credit will largely depend on the WordPress theme you are using. You can either navigate to:

    1. Appearance >> Customize >> Footer Area and then disabling footer credit
    2. Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity and then hiding the footer credit

    Technique #2: Editing the file

    Right in your admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Editor Appearance >> Editor

     Appearance >> Editor 

    Next, scroll down to the file.

    remove powered by wordpress - footer

    Locate the line that reads “Proudly powered by WordPress” and delete it starting from the opening php tag.

    remove powered by wordpress - footer text

    Finally, update file. After removing the footer credit, you should have something like this:

    remove powered by wordpress - edit footer

    Note: Another popular technique for removing powered by WordPress footer message is by making edits to the website’s CSS. This involves setting the display of site-info to none. That is:

    .site-info{display: none;}

    The problem, however, is that this technique might hurt your website’s SEO. Google seriously frowns at hiding links in CSS. For this reason, we left out mentioning this technique in this tutorial.


    We hope that, in this tutorial, you’ve learned the two simple techniques for removing Powered By WordPress footer code. The techniques shared here are certainly effective and recommended as they would not harm SEO. We advise that as much as possible you should avoid hiding the powered by text Powered by WordPress via CSS, Powered by WordPress.

    If you found this tutorial helpful, be kind enough to share. For more step by step tutorials, visit our WP College.

    More Resources:

    Read More Useful Articles:
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    Finding that perfect theme can be a long and arduous process. You finally locate that perfect appearance and the theme has all of the features you want. Suddenly, you look at the footer and see the &#;Powered by WordPress&#; credits.

    Is this line of text marring your theme easy to remove? In reality, this text may be as simple to get rid of as hitting the back button to delete.

    In this tutorial, I&#;m going to show you how to remove that extra text from WordPress and perhaps add your own if you wish.

    There are two easy ways you can edit the &#;Powered by WordPress&#; text, Powered by WordPress. The best part is that none of these methods are going to hurt search engine optimization or have negative impacts on your site. For instance, some versions of CSS coding sometimes lead to shifting icons around or having problems scoring well in SEO.

    Does removing the credit void the license?

    One of the beautiful things about WordPress is the GPL license, Powered by WordPress. Essentially, it allows anyone to make changes to virtually any aspect of WordPress without worrying about legal repercussions, Powered by WordPress. As it is an open source platform, you can edit the core as much as you want.

    This protection also stretches across themes and plugins you install directly from the WordPress directory. However, I would suggest not making too many modifications unless you know what you&#;re doing in code. It can be extremely easy to break your site with the wrong command. This doesn&#;t include implementing coding that may be incompatible with other additions such as plugins or themes.

    Using the Theme to Edit the Footer

    Some themes offer a way to change the text in the footer of the website. This is done by going into the WordPress customizer and editing the settings.

    To access the customizer for your website:

    Go to the appearance area of the WordPress admin panel.

    go to appearance

    From here, you can either click the &#;customize&#; button on the theme in the main window or click it under the &#;Appearance&#; area on the left admin Powered by WordPress src="" alt="customize area" width="" height="">

    Once the customizer opens, Powered by WordPress, look at the bottom left and search for settings regarding the footer area or perhaps copyright information.


    If your theme supports editing the credit, you are able to change it to anything you wish.

    edit credits

    Once the changes are made, click the &#;Save&#; button on the top left and click the &#;X&#; in the corner to return to the WordPress admin panel.

    save and publish

    You may also want to check the widgets area of WordPress. Some themes will install sections of the theme that can be edited or modified as a widget, which sometimes includes the footer of the site. The widgets are found under the Appearance control.

    Unfortunately, not all themes have the ability to edit the text in the footer of the Powered by WordPress. However, this is just one method. If the theme doesn&#;t have this ability, the next thing I demonstrate is sure to work for you.

    Editing the File

    Although the next method may seem Powered by WordPress to some, it&#;s actually quite easy and doesn&#;t require extensive knowledge in PHP or CSS coding. When the theme doesn&#;t support editing the footer of the website, you can do so by editing the file directly. Accessing this file can be done easily if you know how to use FileZilla, Powered by WordPress it can also be done from the WordPress admin panel.

    For this tutorial, Powered by WordPress, I&#;m going to show you how to edit the file in the Twenty Sixteen theme available in WordPress.

    To do this:

    Go to the appearance section in the WordPress admin panel and click on the &#;Editor&#; tool located at the bottom.

    appearance editor

    Use the drop down box on the right to select the Twenty Sixteen theme.

    select theme

    Click the &#;Select&#; button next to the drop down box.

    click select button

    On the right, Powered by WordPress, you&#;ll see a list of files under &#;Templates.&#; Locate the file labeled, &#;Theme Footer.&#;

    theme footer

    Click this file to open it in the editor window.

    Back up the coding. Usually, I&#;ll open Notepad in Windows and paste the code from the file before making changes. This way, I have a copy of the original code that I can paste back into WordPress.

    Now, the best way to get rid of the &#;Powered By WordPress&#; credits is Powered by WordPress remove the link coding itself. While some may suggest simply deleting all the coding in the footer, this will result in disabling some of the functionality of the website. Look for the following line of text and delete it:

    [ht_message mstyle=&#;info&#; title=&#;&#; &#; show_icon=&#;&#; id=&#;&#; class=&#;&#; style=&#;&#; ]<a href=&#;<?php echo esc_url( __( &#;;, Powered by WordPress, &#;twentysixteen&#; ) ); ?>&#;><?php printf( __( &#;Proudly powered by %s&#;, &#;twentysixteen&#; ), &#;WordPress&#; ); ?></a>[/ht_message]

    remove link

    Click the &#;Update File&#; button on the bottom to save it.

    click update file

    This will remove the credit while leaving the name of your site behind. You could also input your own coding in this section to show your own copyright information or other information for itube studio registration code Archives site. This can be done by replacing the above code with:

    [ht_message mstyle=&#;info&#; title=&#;&#; &#; show_icon=&#;&#; id=&#;&#; class=&#;&#; style=&#;&#; ]<div class=&#;copyright&#;>Copyright &copy; the name of your site.</div>[/ht_message]

    You can edit the of virtually any theme you have available. However, it&#;s important to note that this code can be removed if the developer Powered by WordPress out an update. This is why it may be more beneficial to use a child theme instead of editing the primary file.

    For the most part, credit information is located in the file of any theme you use. However, the coding will look very much different from the example above. If you&#;re unsure how to remove it safely, it may be better to seek professional help. It&#;s better than the alternative of accidentally breaking the site.

    Using FileZilla to Edit

    If you have FTP ability and a good program, such as FileZilla, you can access the file directly and make the above edits. Just make sure you make a copy of the file in the event something goes wrong.

    The file will be in the &#;/wp-content/themes/&#; directory under the folder for your theme.

    Are there plugins that can edit the file?

    Unfortunately, I was unable to find a working plugin that would allow users to edit the footer of the website. Although there are Powered by WordPress to choose from, Powered by WordPress, most simply added code before or after the &#;Powered by WordPress&#; section or simply did not work with the newest version of WordPress. A few were even limited to a single theme developer.

    This isn&#;t saying that I tried every plugin in the database. However, I did go through a substantial number of them including some that were more than two years old trying to find one that worked.

    Should you find one that is compatible with the newest version of WordPress, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

    To wrap things up&#;

    Removing the &#;Powered by WordPress&#; from the website is a fairly easy and straightforward process. VBA Password Recovery Master, version 3.1. crack serial keygen from deleting a line of code, there really isn&#;t much coding involved unless you want to add some. Customize the experience of yourself and your visitors, and discover what else you can do with WordPress.

    What kind of custom edits have you made to core or theme files in the past? Do you use a favorite editing program?

    Источник: []
    Copyright &copy; <a href="#"></a>. All rights reserved. </div><!-- .wrap --> </footer><!-- #colophon --> </div><!-- .site-content-contain --> </div><!-- #page -->

    This should enable you to include your own custom message, rather than have the WordPress branded message displayed on your website. If you find the process a tad overwhelming, you can always hire one of the experts to bleep out the message but it goes without saying that the methods listed above are fairly easy, Powered by WordPress.

    Most of the top Powered by WordPress premium themes come with easy options for you to edit and customize your whole theme, and you should be able to do so in a few minutes.

    With the free theme, you may not have access to Powered by WordPress customization options in which case you would definitely need to use one of the methods listed above to delete the “powered by WordPress” Powered by WordPress link and include a message of your own.

    Here is the article we are learning how to remove proudly powered by WordPress from the footer in a WordPress website.

    WordPress is a content management system with features including plugin architecture and a template system based on PHP & MySQL. It attracts developers for creating blogs and all other kinds of web content including e-commerce websites, galleries, Powered by WordPress, and others. It includes a range of customizable as well as ready designs and themes.

    We will not be wrong to claim that at least 40% of the websites are made up of free themes & designs. When designing a website with a premium theme (i.e. paid theme) developers have flexible coding and editing options to modify almost everything in a webpage. But when using a free theme WordPress inserts the text “Proudly powered by WordPress” as credits.

    We have been often questioned whether it is legal to remove this text from the footer? People generally tend to ask this question because no inbuilt feature is provided in WordPress for doing so.

    Do not worry you are not committing any crime by removing that text from the footer. As an entity WordPress is free and falls under the General Public License (GPL). This means that you can modify any aspect and even redistribute it.

    People usually want to opt-out of such credits for obvious reasons of making a customized website with no marketing of any third party. In the free version, one cannot directly find an option to remove proudly powered by WordPress.

    But what many inexperienced and amateur developers do not know is that you can remove it. Due to non-availability of the option and compact theme settings, Powered by WordPress, one has to disable it manually. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to remove proudly powered by WordPress from the footer in any WordPress Website.

    Following are some of the simplest methods of doing so but before that, Powered by WordPress, just as a precautionary measure, we will advise you to backup all the contents of your site.

    In case you damage some other code you will have an option to restore your website easily, Powered by WordPress. We also recommend scheduling backup of your updated website content in a regular interval of time or specifically during the point when you are trying to modify Powered by WordPress core settings of your site.

    Sometimes even due to a minor technical glitch, you might not be able to obtain desired result/output and also lose the pre-existing state of your site.

    1. Quick removal :

    Premium themes provide this option to remove proudly powered by WordPress text directly. Admin Panel – Appearance – Customize is the path to follow ZD Soft Screen Recorder 5.2 crack serial keygen Powered by WordPress settings to spot this option. When using free themes, sometimes developers provide this option of removing the text easily.

    Hence search for this option first and then look for alternate methods, Powered by WordPress. If the existing theme selected by Jogos de Humor Ácido de Graça para Baixar has this option then removing the footer is very easy.

    2, Powered by WordPress. CSS Code :

    The CSS approach can be considered as one of the most simples and quick method to remove proudly powered by WordPress from the footer. First of all, Powered by WordPress, look and analyze the code below.

    .site-info{ display:none; }

    To remove the footer text, first copy this code. This code needs to be pasted in the Additional CSS section which can be found under the customize option in Appearance. Now depending upon the developer different themes have a customized code approach hence there are high chances that this code might not work for you.

    In such cases, you must be aware of the class to write a custom CSS code. Many online forums Powered by WordPress also help you in writing such codes if you can provide them with the exact details of the class of your theme.

    3. Coding :

    Do you have an upper hand with codes? If you do, you can easily edit or delete that code. Powered by WordPress non-premium theme which is sponsored by WordPress has this text included in the file, Powered by WordPress. All you have to do is finding and remove it.

    One has an option to straight away customize the by exploring the editor option in the appearance setting or by uploading a customized file on the server. The sequenced coding is explained at the end for better understanding.

    When using &#;twentyseventeen&#; you might find it a little difficult to follow the above steps. For customization of &#;twentyseven&#; search for template-parts with a sub-option of footer; in the footer, you will find relative sub-option of for the theme of the file.

    Here you can find the Powered by WordPress and edit the same to remove proudly powered by WordPress text from the website.

    Following describes the steps in details for your understanding with direct reference from WordPress Options
    &#; From the Dashboard select ‘Appearance’
    &#; Now select the editor menu
    &#; On the top right corner, Powered by WordPress, you will find the option select theme to edit and you have to select the menu that you intend to customize
    &#; Search for
    &#; Edit the code in the file

    4. Plugin :

    One can search and find plugins to eliminate the text for default WordPress themes, Powered by WordPress. You can also look for plugins for your themes also. Although, this is one of the methods to remove proudly powered by WordPress it is not recommended that one should use it.

    If a simple coding procedure can sort it out Powered by WordPress you there is no need to make the webpage more complex by adding an additional plugin to it. If you are alien about the coding part and feel that this is the only way out only then approach this method.

    These techniques can help you in removing the text from the footer. It might be possible that despite using all options, in some complex but free themes you might not be able to modify the setting for the footer. In such cases, you can write to the author and seek help for eliminating the issue.

    Creative authors are spontaneous to revert and in most cases will write to you about the solution. Apart from this Internet is filled up with forums that can assist you with any issues regarding removing such texts from footers and about other queries related to WordPress.

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