Avast premium security 

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Premium-securityAvast Premium Security Online Security for Up to 10 Devices

Avast Premium Security is an Avast product that offers antivirus protection and advanced security for your PC against online threats. It allows users to safely shop and bank online, avoid fake websites and phishing scams, block web spies, and more.

Premium-securityAvast Premium Security Online Security for Up to 10 Devices
To see the content of this webpage correctly, please update to the latest version or install a new browser for free, such as Avast Secure Browser or Google Chrome.","price Decimal Part":"99","price Integer Part":"69","price Flag":"","precision":"2","link":"https:\/\/checkout.avast.com\/en-ww\/web? ","price Decimal Part":"99","price Integer Part":"69","price Flag":"","precision":"2","link":"https:\/\/checkout.avast.com\/ar-ww\/web? The antivirus solution from developer AVAST Software comes in many flavors and most users opt for the free edition for obvious reasons. The program features intuitive, advanced and customizable scanning methods along with other modules dedicated to computer safety.The installer is completely configurable when it comes to shields (for files, emails and web), security tools and preferred languages.Since it is ad-supported, the utility offers to install unnecessary third-party components but they can be skipped.The security tools include browser protection and cleanup (e.g.Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), software updater for other programs installed, remote assistance for access on other computers, Secure Line for connection encryption agsinst spyware via VPN, Grime Fighter for system cleanup and maintenance, Rescue Disk for worst case scenarios with malware-crippled PCs, and a simple management connector that reports the Avast status to COM monitoring software.

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